How BUBS Naturals increased repeat revenue by 40% using Relo

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About BUBS Naturals

After the tragic loss of a mutual friend, pals Sean and TJ met for a coffee looking for a way to preserve the legacy of their friend Glen ‘Bub’ Doherty. Glen had sadly passed away while serving as a SEAL in the CIA, and the pair wanted to create a business that would capture the adventurous and passionate spirit of their friend, while utilizing their skills in sports performance and marketing. Thus, BUBS Naturals was born - a health and wellness brand designed to help athletes, performers and everyone in-between perform at their best.


Fast forward 5 years and BUBS Naturals has grown to be a household name in the US specializing in collagen and MCT powder designed to help people feel great and do good. BUBS has a 29k strong Instagram community and over 5,000 active, monthly returning customers.


However, despite this growth, BUBS Naturals isn’t immune to the Ecommerce problems flanking the DTC industry around rising CAC, iOS updates and retention. Believing that the best way to drive growth was to retain customers and get them to buy again, they approached Relo for help.


The problem

7 out of 10 customers buy from a brand once and never again, and this was the case for BUBS who found they were losing 70% of customers after their first-purchase. Some of the products, such as the collagen protein powder have a long usage time and although BUBS had some predictive data on when customers were likely to buy again, they struggled to push this into Klaviyo. 

Commenting on the problems BUBs faced before using Relo, TJ said:

“Before Relo, the 'logic' to create amazing retention / growth assets required multiple spreadsheets and BI tools to find average days between purchases. It was time consuming, clunky and ineffective.”

How BUBS solved this using Relo

We knew that BUBS Naturals wanted to turn more one-time customers into repeat customers and grow their recurring revenue so we recommended trying Repeat Buy to achieve this.


Repeat Buy works in the following way:

  1. Relo predicts exactly when customers will reorder and syncs with Klaviyo.
  2. Brands push data into their existing SMS and email flows for personalized comms.
  3. Relo’s Magic Cart feature converts more customers with 1-click checkout.
Repeat Buy predicts when customers will repurchase, and allows you to push into your flows

Prior to using Repeat Buy, BUBS had some knowledge around when customers were likely to buy again, but there was no way to push this into Klaviyo easily. Instead, brands like BUBS would be faced with the headache of building out customized and highly complex flows as an alternative.

Using Repeat Buy, BUBS were able to analyze the average order gap across customers, purchased products and all-time orders to make the best possible predictions around when customers were likely to repurchase.  

Best of all? BUBS could push this data into their existing Klaviyo SMS and email flows, saving time and resources while targeting more effectively.

One of the concerns DTC brands have when trying new software is that set up will end up draining their limited time and resources, but this isn’t the case with Relo. Setting up simply required BUBS to sync their Shopify store with Relo and connect Klaviyo. The whole process took an hour and we were able to generate Klaviyo predictions from day one, helping BUBS to start driving repeat revenue straight away.

“It was so quick. Relo provided a simple integration and easy setup to allow us to scale retention in EXISTING FLOWS. Best part is that it started working immediately and we saw results from day one!”

Better conversion with Magic Cart

Magic Cart is a 1-click checkout, expertly personalized to the customer

Once BUBS had generated the predictions they needed to target customers at the right time, they needed a better way to convert those customers and offer a friction-free buy again experience.

Many brands lose customers at the point of sale as they have to revisit clunky landing pages and waste time going through tedious admin hurdles. Magic Cart removes all of this hassle. It’s a 1-click checkout personalized to the customers buying cadence and preferences. 

BUBS added Magic Cart to the CTA buttons of their Klaviyo SMS and email flows enabling customers to checkout in a matter of seconds.

The results

BUBS introduced Relo a month ago, and the results speak for themselves. In this time period, BUBS has reported a 40% increase in repeat revenue and enjoyed 20 x return on investment.

“Our customer is our top priority at BUBS - we don't just say that. Helping people stay on track to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals with the gentle nudge the Relo AI provides and the smooth Magic Cart, has helped our users reach their goals faster and more efficiently - and it's improved our repeat revenue considerably!"

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