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Subscription Manager

Prevent churn and super boost retention with Subscription Manager.

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Subscription management is a headache

By 2023, 75% of DTC brands will offer subscriptions. With ‘too much product’ touted as the top reason subscribers churn, and 35% of customers admitting they find it to manage them, it’s clear subscription management software needs a glow up.

Too much product
Subscription management issues
Lack of flexibility

At Relo, we’ve fixed this with a log-in free solution you can push into your existing Klaviyo flows.

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Why Subscription Manager?

Reduce churn and delight subscribers

Make admin nightmares a thing of the past and drive retention. Subscribers will love how easy it is to manage their account.

Subscription Management made simple

Add Subscription Manager to the CTA buttons of your flows, and customers can manage everything in seconds, without logging in.

How Subscription Manager works

Our log-in free subscription management software effortlessly syncs with Klaviyo.

When customers click the CTA button of flows, they’re able to change, modify, swap or add items in seconds.

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With Subscription Manager
No more logging in!
Better subscription experience.
Reduced churn.
Without Subscription Manager
Admin nightmares.
Poor subscription
High churn.

Trusted by top DTC brands

Discover how some of the best DTC brands in the business rely on our subscription management software to reduce churn and hold onto subscribers.

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Oliver Dickinson


"Relo's Subscription Manager - specifically it's Magic Cart feature - just makes sense, it's easy to use and customers love using it because in 1-click they can manage their subscription"

Oliver Dickinson


"Using Relo's Subscription Manager has meant we can confidently increase our investment in performance marketing because we now offer the best subscription experience on the market."

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