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Skio integration

Relo + Skio helps you gain more subscribers from one-time customers. Tonnes of customers use it, and it works great.

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The problem is, growing your subscription base relies on knowing exactly when customers are ready for one, and providing a hassle-free sign-up experience. Even when customers are subscribed, the process of managing subscriptions is clunky and unpersonalized, full of admin hurdles and cx hassle which takes precious time away from growing your brand.

Relo solves this by letting brands know exactly when customers are ready for a subscription and integrates with Klaviyo, Recharge and Shopify so brands can push this data into their existing flows. This is all wrapped around Relo’s Magic Cart - an intuitive feature that allows customers to subscribe and manage their subscription in seconds.

Benefits of Skio + Relo integration

Grow faster and stronger with Relo + Skio with more one-time customers to subscribers.

See our 10+ case studies with customers who use our Skio Integration here.

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Skio + Relo
Target one-time customers ready for subscription
2-click conversion to subscription
Without Skio + Relo
No idea when to target customers for subscription.
Clunky conversion to subscription experience.

Convert more one-time customers to subscription with Relo + Skio

Customers who used our Skio integration with Shopify see >10% more subscribers gained from one-time customers

See our case studies
Relo has been a HUGE help! Having them use our data + their knowledge to optimize send times have made it easy and mindless to gain new subscribers since onboarding Relo!

Shea Holloway

Campaign Manager

Before Relo, the 'logic' to create amazing retention flows required multiple spreadsheets and BI tools to find average days between purchases. It was time consuming, clunky and ineffective.

TJ Ferrara


Simply helping us increase the number of customers coming back and the number of new subscribers each month has a profound impact across the business and allows our acquisition and R&D to scale

Kit Gammell


See our 10+ case studies proving the value or Relo + Skio:

See our case studies