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Cross Sell

Introduce your customers to new products in your store by predicting what they'll most like next.

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Your customers don't
know other products you offer.

One of the most effective ways to increase customer LTV is to introduce new products to them. However, this is a real challenge for modern eCommerce brands - having to figure out which products to offer to who, when to offer them, and how to make it all tick with Shopify, SMS and Email.

Relo Cross Sell makes that easy.

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How Cross Sell works

Who's ready to try something new?

We look at your Shopify data to analyze previous customers purchase history, likelihood of next purchase, and frequency of purchase. We take all of this and form clear predictions on which customers are likely to try something new, which product, and when.

Make it easy to use in Klaviyo

Once we have those predictions, we automatically sync them to Klaviyo as event's so you can send personalised SMS and Email to the right customers who are ready to try something new. No more clunky manual integrations.

Make it super easy for your customers to purchase

In every SMS and Email you send to your customers, we'll include our unique Magic Cart link. Magic Cart is a personalised and mobile optimized cart page that enables your customers to convert in a single click. Personalised to their name, product we've predicted they'll like, and product recommendations under that.

Enough with universal landing pages! 

How Cross Sell works

We predict exactly which customers are likely to try something new and when.

Sync those predictions to Klaviyo to enable for easy SMS and Email sending.

Convert those customers with our Magic Cart - enabling easy 1-click ordering synced to Shopify.

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With Cross Sell
Target the right customers
Personalize comms effectively
Convert better - 1-click shopping
Without Cross-sell
Wrong customers targeted for their next order
Rigid, unpersonalized flows
Low conversion - poor customer experience

Cross Sell is built for scaling DTC brands

Discover how leading DTC brands are using Cross Sell to drive more repeat revenue from their existing customers.

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Grayson Hart


"We decided the best strategy would be to drive more growth from our existing base.”

Grayson Hart


"The Repeat Buy set up was phenomenal and we were live so quick! Rory from Relo walked me through every step and was on-hand to help roll it out into our existing flows"

TJ Ferrara


"Magic Cart, has helped our users reach their goals faster and more efficiently - and it's improved our repeat revenue considerably!"

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