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Klaviyo integration

Relo's Klaviyo integration with Shopify enables you to target customers better, build out customized flows and drive repeat revenue.

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Klaviyo integrations that solve your biggest problems

Are unpersonalized, poorly timed Klaviyo flows eating up your revenue growth? Until now, customer data has been siloed - brands don’t know when customers are ready to reorder or try a subscription, and customizing email and sms flows is a nightmare. Landing pages add insult to injury - it’s a one-size-fits-all experience.

We solve this by integrating with Klaviyo and Shopify and letting brands know exactly when customers are ready to be targeted for repurchase or subscription. Brands can push this data into their existing Klaviyo flows to target precisely and personalize comms. Finally, convert 17x better with Magic Cart - a mobile-first, personalized portal.

Benefits of Klaviyo + Relo integration

Build out customized flows

Send comms to the right customers at the right moment

Convert with Magic Cart

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With Klaviyo + Relo
Predictions based on all customer, brand and product data.
Accurate targeting.
Personalized, optimized flows.
1-click repurchasing
Without Klaviyo + Relo
No predictions around product data.
Limited targeting accuracy.
Complex customisation
Clunky repurchasing experience

Grow faster and stronger with Relo + Klaviyo

Customers who used our Klaviyo integration with Shopify saw a 12% increase in repurchase rates and a 31% decrease in subscription churn.

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Tom Mckechnie

Founder, Snackfully

"Relo has made our replenishment flow the best performing in Klaviyo"

Tom Mckechnie


"What I like most about the Relo and Klaviyo integration is it takes a lot of the guesswork out about when to email our customers to prompt them for a repeat purchase"

TJ Ferrara


“It was so quick. Relo provided a simple integration and easy setup to allow us to scale retention in EXISTING FLOWS. Best part is that it started working immediately and we saw results from day one!”

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