How Retention Agency ElliotDigital use Relo to add value for their retainer clients

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About ElliotDigital:

ElliotDigital are a full-stack retention marketing team, working with some of the best consumer DTC brands in Europe, such as Days Brewing, HUX, and Surreal. Headed up by Elliot Scott, ElliotDigital have taken a fresh approach to retention marketing by building retention strategies that are creative, data-driven and customer centric - specifically focused on SMS and Email to drive repeat revenue.

“We’ve been working with ElliotDigital since launch and they’ve been an integral extension to our team. We’ve not only been delighted with the results but also their approach to retention marketing and the fine balance he drives between performance and customer experience.”

Kit Gammell, Co-Founder



The problem:

ElliotDigital are always looking at ways to increase repeat revenue for their clients - it’s their job! They were able to implement the key strategies through Klaviyo to help get a baseline of repeat revenue, but to take it up to level they needed to leverage each client's customer dataset:

“Audiences expect a level of personalisation in their emails and texts, but often there’s an overwhelming amount of data available to brands. Therefore, it can be tricky to understand and pinpoint exactly what needs to be sent, when to send it, and to who - especially for brands with high repeat purchase opportunity.”

How ElliotDigital solved this using Relo:

ElliotDigital used Relo’s unique functionality to predict and convert customers who were ready to reorder (repeat), try something new (cross-sell) and start a subscription (upgrade) through their usual Klaviyo flows. This functionality worked in 3 key ways:

1. Relo predicted who’s ready to order again by analyzing historic Shopify order history and building trends

2. Once that data was surfaced, Relo piped it into Klaviyo as a dynamic trigger - making it really easy to act on

3. After the emails or SMS have been triggered, Relo adds a unique Magic Cart link (a mobile-optimized 1-click checkout cart linked to Shopify checkout) to each expertly crafted template created by ElliotDigital for easy conversion

Tying that together for ElliotDigital:

Firstly, ElliotDigital synced Relo to their clients Shopify to automatically generate predictions for when their customers were receptive to reorder, try something new, or start a subscription. These predictions are built on a per customer basis, taking into account the product each customer ordered previously, the amount of product order, the number of orders they’ve had previously and any seasonality changes.

Here's an example of predictions for customers ready to try a new product (cross-sell):

“The AI used across flows makes Relo the easy choice for our brand partners - saving manpower and streamlining replenishment & cross sell flows, especially for the range of CPG brands we work with.”

Relo then automatically synced those predictions straight to ElliotDigitals Klaviyo dashboard, immediately making them actionable and available to drive revenue straight away:

Lastly, Relo included their unique Magic Cart Feature in all SMS and email comms to reduce all friction for a customer to purchase. Magic Cart is a mobile-optimized mobile-first landing page that is personalized to each individual customer. Magic cart is:

1. Mobile first
2. Pre-loaded with the customers last order
3. Personalized with add-on product recommendations
4. Connected to a pre-loaded Shopify checkout.
5. Customized in a few clicks to your brand

Here are some examples of how Magic cart looks when a client clicks the CTA in an email or SMS. This example is of Days Brewing, an ElliotDigital client using Relo: 

“The 2-click reorder through the magic cart is by far my favorite feature. We now often start an email with a personalized RELO reorder block.”

The results

By implementing Relo across their client-base, ElliotDigital were able to have a dramatic increase on increasing repeat revenue. Many clients saw a material impact across their various Relo flows live, becoming a core part of their overall Klaviyo revenue even beating more established high-volume flows like Abandoned Carts. Here’s an example insight one of those clients Klaviyo accounts:

By delivering a great increase in repeat revenue for their clients, ElliotDigital were able to scale their retainers across their customer base - locking in longer and larger projects based on performance. Relo has now become a core part of the ElliotDigital tech-stack, ready to implement as a turn-key solution for any new clients that have tasked ElliotDigital to unlock repeat revenue from their clients Klaviyo account.

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