How Absolute Collagen saw 16% uplift in Recharge Subscriptions with Relo

Increase in new subscribers
Increase in customer spend
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About Absolute Collagen

Absolute Collagen was born from a personal art project which turned out to be life-changing. After co-founder Maxine's daughters had flown the nest, she decided to pursue her dream of going to University to study Fine Art.

Maxine began her studies at the same time that her eldest daughter and now co-founder Darcy was embarking on a food development degree. After hours of research, Maxine began mixing vats of rich bone broth filled with collagen in her home kitchen and before she knew it, her skin was glowing, her hair was shining and her nails were growing. Her external confidence and internal sense of well-being had completely shifted, all thanks to one all-important ingredient: collagen.

Co-founders Maxine and Darcy discovered that many collagen tablets were filled with fillers and binders and were also found in low dosages, so they opted for liquid collagen instead which is known to offer the best absorption rate for maximum hair, skin and nail support. From here, they talked with doctors and scientists and set out to offer the first premium type 1 hydrolysed marine collagen drink in the smallest ready-mixed liquid dose.

Fast-forward a few years, Absolute Collagen are now one of the fastest growing eCommerce brands in the UK, with thousands of loyal fans a an ever growing product portfolio.

The Problem

A key focus for Absolute Collagen was to increase their repeat customers, but with a specific focus on increasing subscribers. The focus on new subscribers aligned with Absolute Collagen's product range being used on a daily or weekly occurrence, and also because the LTV of customers on subscription had a huge impact on their overall eCommerce growth.

The main problem Absolute Collagen saw was that they weren't always targeting the right customers, at the right time, with the right product to engage them to return or start a subscription. This was both a problem and opportunity to improve that customer journey and increase repeat rates.

If Absolute Collagen were able to increase a small percentage of those customers who had purchased once and get them to return or start a subscription, it would have a huge impact on their overall eCommerce growth and LTV of customers. It would also go a long way to reducing the heavy acquisition costs associated with acquiring a first time customer. This is where Relo teamed up with Absolute Collagen to overcome the issues with identifying and targeting those customers ready for a reorder or subscription, and making that transition easy.

Here's James Tranter, CRM manager at Absolute Collagen, commenting on the problems faced prior to Relo:

“With our constantly updating portfolio, we wanted a simple way to present our existing Absoluters with products that were relevant to them, without having to spend large amounts of time, writing and updating our email journeys and content. We also wanted to be able to share helpful reminders with our non subscription Absoluters, helping them to remember to top up in line with their personal purchasing patterns rather than based on average order times.”

How Absolute Collagen solved this using Relo

The first step was to discover exactly which customers were ready to reorder or start a subscription. This would usually have been a very lengthly, manual, and complex step involving data science to define what we thought customers would do next. With Relo, this took minutes.

Absolute Collagen integrated Relo to their Shopify store to create a targetable list of customers that were ready to reorder, try a new product (cross-sell) or start a subscription over the next 30-days. Relo uses logic like which products have been ordered, in which volume, over which timeframe, and how that aligns with what other "lookalike" audiences have done before.

Here is an example of the different types of prediction highlighted in red on the left-hand side, and then examples of specific customer predictions for Absolute Collagen (Anonymised). Within minutes, Absolute Collagen had a really specific list of who's ready to target, when, and with which product:

Here's James Tranter, CRM manager at Absolute Collagen, commenting on the impact this had on Absolute Collagen's strategy:

“Our Absoluters are very important to us at Absolute Collagen and ensuring they receive emails from us which are timely and relevant to them is high on our priorities. Relo has enabled us to futher personalise our content show our Absoluters we care about each one of them!”

Syncing the data to Klaviyo

However, once we have that list - what next? To make this audience as actionable as possible, Relo then seamlessly feeds that data into your Klaviyo flow's as a dynamic trigger - firing the SMS and email flow at the exact right time a customer is ready to try a subscription. Within a few clicks, Absolute Collagen had all of that data flowing into their Klaviyo account with a whole new "upgrade to subscription" flow:

Better conversion with Magic Cart

Once Absolute Collagen had highlighted which customers were ready to reorder or start a subscription and connected that data to Klaviyo - the last step was the conversion. The previously clunky experience where customers were taken from a CTA in a Klaviyo email, through to a product page, to a cart page and then an empty checkout wouldn't cut it here.

The last step in the journey is the where Relo's secret weapon comes into play - the Magic Cart. Magic Cart is a mobile optimised personalised cart-page that allows customers to easily convert to a subscription in 2-clicks. The Magic Cart is:

  1. Mobile first
  2. Pre loaded with the right products - whether that's a reorder, a cross-sell or a subscription
  3. Personalized with add-on product recommendations
  4. Connected to a pre-loaded Shopify checkout
  5. Customized in a few clicks to your brand

For Absolute Collagen this meant that within every email CTA that Relo was powering, they could embed a Magic Cart Link for easy conversion straight to subscription. In this instance, let's have a look at a customer's example of the Magic Cart link after they click on the CTA in the email:

When that customer clicks on the CTA above, they would be taken to their own personalised Magic Cart here:

Here's James Tranter, CRM Manager at Absolute Collagen, on what he has liked most about working with the Relo platform and Team:

“Firstly the Relo team are super helpful and value adding. The onboarding was brilliant and understood our challenges. Lastly, we were able to integrate easily with our existing email platform, without having to manage another platform!”

The results

By implementing Relo, Absolute Collagen saw the impact almost immediately - specifically seeing new subscriber growth jump by 16% and customer spend increase by 22%! The combination of predicting which customers were ready, syncing that data to Klaviyo, and converting them via Magic Cart helped supercharge recurring revenue with almost no time investment required from their side.

To recap, the core KPI's Absolute Collagen were able to move by combining Relo with their subscription set-up:

  1. 16% uplift in Recharge subscriptions
  2. 28% increase in customer spend
  3. 6x ROI
New call-to-action
New call-to-action