How Beco decreased subscriber churn by 55% in 30-days with Relo

Reduction in churn
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About Beco

Beco was born in 2009 by George Bramble, on a mission to create the best possible products for cats and dogs, whilst doing as little harm to the environment as possible. The journey began in China, where George went looking for a manufactured byproduct that could be recycled. Serendipitously, he discovered bamboo offcuts from a Chinese chopstick factory that could be turned into bowls!

This recycled bowl became Beco first product, and with it ignited a new category of better-for-the-planet pet-care products. Since then, Beco have gone on to launch an entire range of pet-care toys made from all natural ingredients, treats, food and accessories. Now stocked in retailers all over Europe and scaling online, Beco is a shining light of what can be achieved with a clear focus on building better products and giving back from day 1.

The problem

A large percent of Beco revenue has been built on recurring subscription customers. However, before working with Relo, Beco found that large volumes of subscribers would churn after a few purchases. This could be for a number of reasons, but because of the effort Beco had placed into acquiring those subscribers, it was a key area of focus to improve. Beco  found that very few of their subscribers would edit and update their subscription, meaning instead of perhaps changing the date, or swapping product, they would cancel. Naturally, this caused issues from both an end-customer satisfaction stand-point, and also from Beco who had worked hard to build a long-term relationship.

Beco then set out to change this, by enabling a subscriber a far easier experience to swap, edit, or add to their subscription - and where Relo come's in. If we look at Beco previous subscription management solution, we can see immediately that customers are forced to login, often with login's that are easily forgotten for difficult to find. This immediately created friction for a customer, even before they had entered their account.

Beco previous subscription experience here is fairly rigid and relies on the customer creating and remembering log-in details every single time they want to access their account. As more solutions become log-in free, subscribers are becoming increasingly frustrated by this poor experience. In this instance, for Beco, this led to:

  • Lack of awareness - customers didn't know how to manage their account.
  • Admin hassle - customers experienced problems logging in and decided to cancel instead.
  • CX pressure - Beco team were left to deal with disgruntled customers.

Something needed to change. Commenting on the problem, Rachel Dobb, Head of eCommerce:

“Improving our customer retention metrics – we saw a lot of customers signing up to subscription then cancelling after one purchase. Equally we wanted to encourage more one-time customers to come back to make that 2nd purchase”

Rachel Dobb, Head of eCommerce

Beco Pets

Solving this with Relo

Beco implemented Relo's Subscription Manager functionality to build a seamless subscriber experience to remove the hassle of logging in and enable easy editing of subscriptions to cut down on churn. Relo's Subscription Manager syncs with Recharge to enable an entirely no-log into experience to:

  • Skip a upcoming order or change order date
  • Add a one-time product to their subscription
  • Swap a product out for another

Here's an example of some of the functionality Relo's Subscriber Manager functionality enabled for Beco:

Commenting on the impact of integrating Relo's Subscription Manager functionality, Rachel Dobb, Head of eCommerce:

“Implementing Relo has helped to reduce our monthly subscription churn rate from 7.5% to 3.5% - through making subscription management frictionless via the Magic Cart.”

Rachel Dobb, Head of eCommerce

Beco Pets

The results

Since introducing Subscription Manager only 30-days days ago, Beco has been churn decrease by 55% - from 7.5%/mo to just 3.5%! This rapid impact on one of Beco core problems to solve, subscription churn, represents an 18x ROI and far further reaching revenue impacts overtime, as more and more subscribers stick around for longer and longer.

  • 55% subscription churn reduction (from 7.5%/mo to 3.5%/mo)
  • 18x ROI
  • 30-days impact time

The results of a seamless subscriber experience, combined with those results happening within such a short window, have really had an impact on overall business growth:

“It’s incredibly quick and easy to set-up and has had an impact on our business almost immediately!”

Rachel Dobb, Head of eCommerce

Beco Pets

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