How DIRTEA increased their Recharge subscribers by 15% each month with Relo

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Relo integrates with all modern Shopify Subscription apps, including Recharge, Skio, Yotpo Subscriptions and Smartrr. Please email us here if you have a question about any other subscription software you work with.


DIRTEA began back in 2016 when brothers Simon and Andrew Salter were introduced to the transformative health benefits of mushrooms. They experienced the impact that mushrooms could have on mood, libido, sleep, focus - everything, and created a mission to destigmatize mushrooms to help more people to experience the day-to-day benefits. "When you brew or blitz a DIRTEA recipe, you’re not just making a drink, you’re stepping into a world we took great care to nurture and share."

Since then, they've built DIRTEA into a rapidly growing global brand and business. DIRTEA now boast a 10+ product set, including different types of mushroom-based drinkable products such as Reishi, Lions Mane and Chaga.

DIRTEA are available to customers through retail stores across the UK, Europe and US, and direct through their eCommerce store - recently becoming one of the fastest growing eCommerce stores globally (here).

The Problem

A key focus for DIRTEA was to increase the their online subscribers, as the product really lends itself to a habitual usage and this was a core part of their overall eCommerce strategy. As with many eCommerce brands, DIRTEA have really focused their eCommerce business on repeatable monthly revenue from subscriptions - allowing them to invest heavily in growing their entire operation. However, after looking at their customer journey, they came to see that only a small percentage of their customers who had ordered OTP (one-time purchase) had gone on to become subscribers, which provided both a large problem and opportunity to improve.

If DIRTEA were able to capture even a small percentage of those OTP's to become product subscribers, it would add an entirely new recurring revenue stream and reduce the heavy acquisition costs associated with acquiring a subscriber on their first order. This is where Relo teamed up with DIRTEA to overcome the issues with identifying and targeting those customers ready for a subscription, and making the transition easy. Here's Kieran O'Ceallachain, Director of Customer Experience, commenting on the problems faced prior to Relo:

“Prior to Relo, we weren't specific enough with our timing & offering so essentially all products were offered to customers at a fixed point in time that wasn't bespoke and aligned to their purchasing journey”

Kieran O'Ceallachain, Director of Customer Experience


How DIRTEA solved this using Relo

The first step was to discover exactly which customers were ready to move to a subscription. This would usually have been a very lengthly, manual, and complex step involving data science to define what we thought customers would do next. With Relo, this took minutes.

DIRTEA integrated Relo to their Shopify store to create a targetable list of customers that were ready to move from their OTP's to a subscription in the next 30-days (Note - Relo integrates with all modern Shopify Subscription apps, including Recharge, Skio, Yotpo Subscriptions and Smartrr. Please email us here if you have a question about any other subscription software you work with). Relo uses logic like which products have been ordered, in which volume, over which timeframe, and how that aligns with what other "lookalike" audiences have done before.

Here is an example of how those customer predictions looked for DIRTEA (Anonymised). Within minutes, they had a really specific list of who's ready to target, when, and with which product:

“Relo made it really easy for us to showcase our products (or subscriptions) to the right customer at the right time!”

Kieran O'Ceallachain, Director of Customer Experience


Syncing the data to Klaviyo

However, once we have that list - what next? To make this audience as actionable as possible, Relo then seamlessly feeds that data into your Klaviyo flow's as a dynamic trigger - firing the SMS and email flow at the exact right time a customer is ready to try a subscription. Within a few clicks, DIRTEA had all of that data flowing into their Klaviyo account with a whole new "upgrade to subscription" flow:

Here's Glenn Cookson, Customer Success Manager at DIRTEA's email agency, Underground eCom, commenting on working with Relo on this project:

“I was delighted, but not surprised, to see the immediate increase in revenue that Relo added to Dirtea’s subscription programme. Our close working relationship with the Relo team means that I am able to confidently recommend Relo to the brands we work with, knowing they are the experts and are able to add immediate value.”

Glenn Cookson, Client Success and Partnerships Manager

Underground eCom Agency

Better conversion with Magic Cart

Once DIRTEA had highlighted which customers were ready to try a subscription and connected that data to Klaviyo - the last step was conversion to subscription. The previously clunky experience where customers were taken from a CTA in a Klaviyo email, through to a product page, to a cart page and then an empty checkout wouldn't cut it here.

The last step in the journey is the where Relo's secret weapon comes into play - the Magic Cart. Magic Cart is a mobile optimised personalised cart-page that allows customers to easily convert to a subscription in 2-clicks. The Magic Cart is:

  1. Mobile first
  2. Pre loaded with a recommended subscription frequency based on their OTP order history
  3. Personalized with add-on product recommendations
  4. Connected to a pre-loaded Shopify checkout
  5. Customized in a few clicks to your brand

For DIRTEA this meant that within every email CTA that Relo was powering, they could embed a Magic Cart Link for easy conversion straight to subscription. In this instance, let's have a look at this customers (Ben) Magic Cart link after they click on the CTA in the email:

When Ben clicks on the "subscribe now" CTA above, they would be taken to their Magic Cart here:

“Relo is convenient (streamlined the reordering process), Personalised (I love the ability to predict which products customers are likely to order and when), and Seamless (customers can order with ease with the Magic Cart)”

Kieran O'Ceallachain, Director of Customer Experience


The results

By implementing Relo, DIRTEA were able to increase the amount of new subscribers gained from OTP's by 15%! The combination of prediction which customers were ready, syncing that data to Klaviyo, and converting to subscription via Magic Cart helped supercharge ecurring revenue with almost no time investment required from their side.

The results were so impactful across the business, that Relo's Upgrade to Subscription flow has become one of DIRTEA's top performing Klaviyo flows.

To recap, the core KPI's DIRTEA were able to move by combining Relo with their subscription set-up:

  1. Increased OTP to subscription by 15%
  2. 3rd top performing Klaviyo flow
  3. 20x ROI

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