How EVOLVh increased Klaviyo email campaign revenue by 26% with Relo Omniblock

Increase in campaign revenue
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About EVOLVh:

EVOLVh have been pioneers in clean haircare since 2009 with a focus on biology-driven, science-based, high-performance hair products using all natural and organic ingredients. EVOLVh's mission has been to rewrite the Clean Beauty Hair narrative by creating a first-of-its kind, science-backed line—eliminating the need to choose between clean and cutting-edge, while surpassing the experience, benefits and environmental impact of traditional haircare products.

Founded by Boris Oak, EVOLVh has innovated with unique formulations, the most advanced of any other natural or organic professional line with PhytoBlend technology containing unique blends of natural active ingredients not found in other hair products. Every EVOLVh product is designed to revitalize, renew, and restore.

Originally created for the conscious salon stylist, who cares deeply about ingredients but still demands uncompromising product performance, EVOLVh has now expanded into multiple product lines and ships globally.

The problem:

The EVOLVh team was struggling to increase revenue from campaigns as open and click rates were stagnant.

A key area that could have an impact here was to personalize the campaign content based on the customer's prior experience with the brand. For example, to display their previously purchased products, and other recommendations that align with their unique journey with EVOLVh. However, to create this at scale, at the campaign cadence that EVOLVh was accustomed to, would require extensive data science resources that weren't available.

Here's Katerina Simonova-Liggio, Digital Consultant for EVOLVh, commenting on the problems faced prior to Relo:

“Our biggest challenge with campaign emails has been trying to include content that is relevant and valuable to everyone in our audience, which is not always possible with various solution categories.”

Katerina Simonova-Liggio, Digital Consultant for EVOLVh


How EVOLVh solved this using Relo:

EVOLVh used Relo’s customer predictions to surface contextualized offers for their customers within their campaigns to increase conversion. Here's how it works:

1. Firstly, Relo syncs Shopify order history to build understanding of customer purchasing habits.

2. Next, Relo seamlessly creates predictions for whether customers are ready to reorder, to try a new product, or to start a subscription over the next 30-days.

3. Relo syncs that data to Klaviyo dynamically, so you have the data at your fingertips automatically to send personalized email and SMS comms.

4. Lastly, Relo converts any customers that engage with a prediction email or SMS with an optimized mobile-first cart, called the Magic Cart.

Let's dive into each element and how this worked for EVOLVh.

Once EVOLVh had those customer predictions, Relo made it really easy to action them by syncing the data to Klaviyo.These predictions were built on a per customer basis, taking into account the product each customer ordered previously, the amount of product order, the number of orders they’ve had previously and any seasonality changes. Here are examples of anonymised predictions for customers that are ready to reorder. EVOLVh were able to toggle on the left-hand side between customers that were ready to reorder, to try a new product (Cross-Sell) or start a susbcription (Subscription Converter):

Relo makes it really easy to action them by syncing the data to Klaviyo. This can either happen as a dynamic trigger for a flow, or via the Omniblock feature in campaigns. The Omniblock is a Universal Content block that is dragged into each campaign to display dynamic offers to each customer. Here's a campaign draft from EVOLVh:

If we go ahead and preview the campaign draft as a specific customer, you'll see the Omniblock now displays a dynamic offer depending on whether Relo thinks the customer is ready to reorder, to try a new product, or start a subscription:

“With the Relo Omniblock included in each campaign, we can ensure that every individual customer is getting a dynamic recommendation based on where they are in their journey with us. This is such a brilliant and elegant solution and we started seeing conversions right away.”

Katerina Simonova-Liggio, , Digital Consultant for EVOLVh


Lastly, EVOLVh added Relo’s unique Magic Cart Feature to reduce all friction for a customer to purchase once they have clicked on the campaign CTA above. Magic Cart is a hyper-optimized mobile-first landing page that is personalized to each individual customer and included in the CTA of each email or SMS prediction sent (example above). Magic cart is:

1. Mobile first

2. Pre-loaded with the customer's last order

3. Personalized with dynamic add-on product recommendations

4. Connected to a pre-loaded Shopify checkout

5. Uniquely customized to fit your brand's style guide with just a few clicks

Here’s an example of a Magic Cart from EVOLVh customer Sarah - it includes their previous order, new product recommendations, and a link to check out in 2 clicks:

Here's Katerina Simonova-Liggio, Digital Consultant for EVOLVh, commenting on the what they've experience by working with Relo:

“RELO saved us from building out endless custom email flows and the strong Omniblock conversions were a pleasant surprise bonus benefit. The team is lovely, very responsive, and supportive, and onboarding was quick and seamless!”

Katerina Simonova-Liggio, Digital Consultant for EVOLVh


The impact

By adding Relo Omniblock to all of their campaigns, EVOLVh were able to increase their campaign revenue by over 26%. This addition allowed EVOLVh to keep their campaign revenue high whilst still delivering a great customer and brand experience. Here are the main results for EVOLVh:

  • 26% increase in campaign revenue
  • 11x ROI
  • Automatic campaign personalization

New call-to-action
New call-to-action