How Healthycell increased reorders by 22% with Relo

22% Increase
in reorder rate
Performing Klaviyo flow
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About Healthycell:

Healthycell is based on the simple idea that nutrients need to be absorbed into the bloodstream and then into cells where they work to improve health. Most supplements use the same pill-form delivery technologies that were around in the 1930's, back when we were using rotary phones!

General nutrient delivery technologies have not kept pace with the innovation of other industries. Decades of lab work show that most pills (and even powders) have very low absorption. These older delivery systems compress dehydrated, large, dense, insoluble particles that are 10x to 100x too big for absorption through the small intestine where the human body absorbs most nutrients. Healthycell went on to create their unique MICROGEL™ delivery mechanism that is the backbone to all of their products.

The problem

Healthycell had a focus on encouraging more customers to come back after their first order, as repeat revenue was a core metric for the business to scale. However, it was tricky to predict when those customers were best targeted to come back and how to make that journey as seamless as possible. Healthycell knew there was a big opportunity here as their product range expanded and they acquired more one-time customers, as the impact of more customers coming back compounds over time. Even a small increase in conversion here could be really impactful on their focus to increase repeat revenue moving forward.

Prior to Relo, Healthycell had a standard Klaviyo Replenishment flow in place. However, this didn’t really help solve the issues mentioned above in regards to predicting the best time to target customers and making the journey easy. The flow itself targeted customers on a blanket timeframe of 30-days, which didn’t necessarily relate to the specific product usage of customers that could vary greatly.

In addition, once that customer clicked through on the CTA, they were taken back to normal customer journey from product page, through cart page and to a new checkout. Both of these items together meant that there was a lot of revenue left on the table for Healthycell to make use of, and enable more of their customers to come back.

How Healthycell solved this using Relo

Healthycell used Relo’s unique predictive reordering functionality to target their customers at the exact right time based on their order history. For example, if I had ordered multiple of a SKU that has a long usage pattern, my engagement from Healthycell would be very different from if I had only ordered one single SKU that had a fast replenishment cycle.

Firstly, Healthycell synced Relo to their Shopify to automatically generate predictions for when their customers were likely to need to replenish their products. These predictions were built on a per customer basis, taking into account the product each customer ordered previously, the amount of product order, the number of orders they’ve had previously and any seasonality changes:

Relo then automatically synced those predictions straight to Healthycell's Klaviyo dashboard, immediately making them actionable and driving revenue straight away:

Here’s an example of a Healthycell email that included a specific customer prediction linked to the trigger above. Each product offering is customized to each customer, as shown on the right hand side of the Klaviyo preview:

“Relo takes the guesswork out of timing customer communications. We are able to reach out to customers with the right message at the right time, at scale.”

Lastly, Healthycell added Relo’s unique Magic Cart Feature to reduce all friction for a customer to purchase. Magic Cart is a hyper-optimized mobile-first landing page that is personalized to each individual customer and included in the CTA of each email or SMS prediction sent (example above). Magic cart is:

1. Mobile first
2. Pre-loaded with the customers last order
3. Personalized with add-on product recommendations
4. Connected to a pre-loaded Shopify checkout.
5. Customized in a few clicks to your brand

Here’s an example of a Magic Cart from a Healthcell customer Anne, including their previous order, new product recommendations, and a link to checkout in 2 clicks: 

“Our subscription rates were strong but Relo helped us take it to the next level.”

The results

  • ROI: 19x
  • 22% Increase in reorder rates
  • Top performing Klaviyo flow

With these changes, Healthycell was able to dramatically increase their repeat revenue and Klaviyo efficiency. Not only did they achieve a 19x ROI, but their replenishment flow became their top performing Klaviyo flow.

New call-to-action
New call-to-action