How Pets Love Fresh increased cross-sells by 24% with Relo

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About Pets Love Fresh:

Pets Love Fresh kicked off in 2013, when founder Mark's family dog Holly was suffering from allergies, bloating and had no energy. Traditional vet-recommended medication did very little and pushed Mark to search for other solutions.

After a friend mentioned trying a simple home-cooked diet of chicken and rice, Holly started to bounce back with energy, a beautiful coat and no allergies. With that spark, Pets Love Fresh was born with a vision of clean, natural pet food to deliver great nutrition and delivered frozen for maximum freshness without additives! 

The problem

Pets Love Fresh product range becomes a core component in their pets lifestyle, beyond anything almost any other product can attest to. That said, the routine nature of purchasing the same product over and over again poses a great opportunity (and challenge) for Pets Love Fresh to introduce their current customers to other product offerings that aligned with their pets lifestyle.

"We have incredibly loyal customers who love our recipes. Once they discover one that suits their dog, they tend to stick with it. However, enticing customers to explore new recipes, treats, supplements and accessories has posed a challenge. The repeat buy and cross-sell flows have so far been a key driver to get customers trying a variety of products."

Commenting on the problems Pets Love Fresh faced before using Relo, Operations Manager, Joshua Jenkinson

Pets Love Fresh original cross-sell approach leveraged the out-of-the-box functionality of Klaviyo. This allowed Pets Love Fresh to get something going fairly easily to help introduce their current customers to other product offerings, but didn’t offer the customer experience that Pets Love Fresh was after:

  • The product offered and timing may be misaligned with the customers purchasing habits and receptiveness to try something new 
  • The journey to purchase was clunky, having to click through multiple pages to purchase 

How Pets Love Fresh solved this using Relo

Pets Love Fresh used Relo’s unique functionality to introduce their customers to their other product ranges in 2 main ways:

  • Using data analysis on their customers previous purchasing habits to predict which products would best fit their lifestyle
  • Making the journey to purchase frictionless and convert higher through Relo’s Magic Cart 

Firstly, Pets Love Fresh synced Relo to their Shopify to automatically generate predictions for when their customers were receptive to trying something new, and which product they may be interested in. These predictions were built on a per customer basis, taking into account the product each customer ordered previously, the amount of product order, the number of orders they’ve had previously and any seasonality changes:

Relo then automatically synced those predictions straight to Pets Love Fresh Klaviyo dashboard, immediately making them actionable and driving revenue straight away:

Here’s an example of how Pets Love Fresh used the Relo cross-sell predictions and spun up an easy flow. Each product offering is customized to each customer, as shown on the right hand side of the Klaviyo preview. In this instance, Relo has predicted that based on Tim’s previous order history, they would be receptive to trying Pets Love Fresh Drink Banana:

"Initially, getting the three flows setup on cross-sell, repeat buy and subscription conversion was the main challenge. Once the creatives were complete the next step was to ensure we were getting send timings right and so far they have been. Lastly, the omniblock has been a brilliant addition for us. The ability to seamlessly integrate the omniblock into our campaigns and existing flows is fantastic."

Joshua Jenkinson, Operations Manager, Pets Love Fresh

Lastly, Pets Love Fresh added Relo’s unique Magic Cart Feature to reduce all friction for a customer to purchase. Magic Cart is a hyper-optimized mobile-first landing page that is personalized to each individual customer. Magic cart is

  • Mobile first
  • Pre-loaded with the customers last order
  • Personalized with add-on product recommendations
  • Connected to a pre-loaded Shopify checkout.
  • Customized in a few clicks to your brand 

The results

1-month after Pets Love Fresh introduced Relo, the results speak for themselves. In this time period, Pets Love Fresh was able to add a whole new best-performing repeat revenue stream to their Klaviyo set-up and achieve a 14x ROI.

  • 24% increase in cross-sells
  • Top-3 performing flow
  • 14x ROI

With these changes, Pets Love Fresh was able to dramatically increase their repeat revenue and Klaviyo efficiency. Not only did they achieve a 14x ROI through a whole new revenue stream, but by introducing their customers to their wider collection of products, Pets Love Fresh are now able to build on that discovery and increase further purchases in the future. 

"Joan’s knowledge and flexibility to work within our specific requirements has been outstanding. The setup, delivery, and communication has been exceptional. Requiring minimal effort on our part, which is crucial for a small team!"

Joshua Jenkinson, Operations Manager, Pets Love Fresh

To find out more about how to feed your dog fresh and healthy food from pets love fresh, click here!

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