How Relo helped Naked Sprout increase their campaign revenue by 27% with Omniblock

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About Naked Sprout:

Naked Sprout are a British business on a mission is to provide affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products - free from plastic, bleach and harsh chemicals. Their first product, unbleached bamboo toilet roll, was created to fight the almost 9m tree's wiped out every year in traditional toilet paper production (that's 27,000 a day!), amassing over 3500 5* reviews since launching in 2020! Alongside launching this product, Naked Sprout have supported over 70,000 children in Kenya with clean water through their partnership with Just a Drop, a children's charity.

Naked Sprout product their products in a state-of-the-art carbon neutral factory, powered by hydro, wind, biomass and 8000+ onsite solar panels. Alongside this, Naked Sprout are also B Corp certified, showing their ongoing commitment to giving back to nature and running their business in the most eco way possible. I don't know if we've ever written a better intro for a company doing so much good!

“We’re proud to be a B Corp and as a consumer, you should feel good knowing you’re buying from a company whose practices are as good as the product!”

The problem:

Naked Sprout were struggling to increase revenue from their bi-weekly campaigns as open and click rates decreased. They didn’t want to send more frequently, as this could have an adverse effect over time despite initial bumps.

They also already invested heavily in creative for these campaigns, so needed to see a better ROI to continually invest in this strategy.

“We’ve seen that open and click rates have dropped overtime from our campaigns. Instead of sending more volume, we wanted to be more personalised with our approach to customers, and Omniblock helped us power bespoke individual offers for customers. Additionally, it was super easy to set-up!”

How Naked Sprout solved this using Relo:

Naked Sprout used Relo’s Omniblock to add customer specific offers as a content block inside each of their campaigns. Created as a universal content block within Naked Sprout's Klaviyo account, their team just simply dragged the block into their campaigns:

Once the Omniblock is added to the campaign, it displays the most relevant offer to the individual customer opening the email. This is usually centered around repeat ordering the same product, cross-selling a new product, or starting a subscription of a prior purchase.

Relo creates these unique insights via an algorithm that analyzes all previous shopify order history data, and makes it available to to Naked Sprout immediately in every campaign.

Here’s a mobile version of that same campaign, showing how the Omniblock displays within each email:

“Driving an additional 20-30% of revenue from every campaign has had a huge impact. It releases some of the pressure to generate more revenue from our CRM, and helps us invest a little more in paid ads as we know the funnel works efficiently.”

Once a customer clicks on the Omniblock, they are taken to the Relo Magic Cart - a mobile optimised and personalised cart page that removes all friction for a customer to purchase. The Magic Cart links directly to a pre-filled Shopify checkout to increase conversion on every order. Here's how that looks for the customer above opening the Omniblock offer on mobile:

The impact

By adding Relo Omniblock to all of their campaigns, Naked Sprout were able to increase their campaign revenue by over 27%. This addition allowed Naked Sprout to keep their campaign revenue high, despite the dwindling general performance of campaigns over time.

“I started using Relo to solve a key problem we faced - we have thousands of customers, how can we get them to come back? Previously this was a little like shooting in the dark with new tactics and lack of insights. Relo made the process easy, supported our team well, and is now a core part of our retention stack.”

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