How Veloforte saw a 26% uplift in Loop Subscriptions with Relo

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Relo integrates with all modern Shopify Subscription apps, including Recharge, Skio, Yotpo Subscriptions and Smartrr. Please email us here if you have a question about any other subscription software you work with.

About Veloforte

Veloforte was founded to help you actively feed your daily wellness and performance naturally, with delicious nutrition that works as hard as you do.

From gut-healthy bars to restorative protein shakes and performance-enhancing chews and gels, great quality nutrition not only fuels your muscles for top perfomance, it enhances your overall wellness too. All of Veloforte's products are based on the foundations of an ancient Italian fortifier: A delicious blend of fruits, nuts and spices, used to create a speciality of Siena in Tuscany, called Panforte.

Now with over 20,000 customer reviews and global stockists, Veloforte is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce nutrition brands in the UK.

The Problem

A key focus for Veloforte was to increase their product subscribers as a core part of their eCommerce strategy was based on repeatable monthly revenue from subscriptions - allowing them to invest heavily in growing their entire operation. However, after looking at their customer journey, they came to see that only a small percentage of their customers who had ordered OTP (one-time purchase) had gone on to become subscribers, which provided both a large problem and opportunity to improve.

If Veloforte were able to capture even a small percentage of those OTP's to become product subscribers, it would add an entirely new recurring revenue stream and reduce the heavy acquisition costs associated with acquiring a subscriber on their first order. This is where Relo teamed up with Veloforte to overcome the issues with identifying and targeting those customers ready for a subscription, and making the transition easy.

Ed Hamilton, Head of Marketing at Veloforte, commenting on the problems faced prior to Relo:

"We had a steady growth of new subscriptions before Relo, but we were not able to effectively understand what was causing new subscriptions to convert. We had very limited knowledge of what impacted this number other than when we did bigger new subscription driving campaigns, but this of course was very manual."

How Veloforte solved this using Relo

The first step was to discover exactly which customers were ready to move to a subscription. This would usually have been a very lengthly, manual, and complex step involving data science to define what we thought customers would do next. With Relo, this took minutes.

Veloforte integrated Relo to their Shopify store to create a targetable list of customers that were ready to move from their OTP's to a subscription in the next 30-days (Note - Relo integrates with all modern Shopify Subscription apps, including Recharge, Skio, Yotpo Subscriptions and Smartrr. Please email us here if you have a question about any other subscription software you work with). Relo uses logic like which products have been ordered, in which volume, over which timeframe, and how that aligns with what other "lookalike" audiences have done before.

Here is an example of how those customer predictions looked for Veloforte (Anonymised). Within minutes, they had a really specific list of who's ready to target, when, and with which product:

Syncing the data to Klaviyo

However, once we have that list - what next? To make this audience as actionable as possible, Relo then seamlessly feeds that data into your Klaviyo flow's as a dynamic trigger - firing the SMS and email flow at the exact right time a customer is ready to try a subscription. Within a few clicks, Veloforte had all of that data flowing into their Klaviyo account with a whole new "upgrade to subscription" flow:

Ed Hamilton, Head of Marketing at Veloforte:

"We now can forecast, manage and understand what our engagement is directly via the Relo flow, so we can intuitively understand what volumes of new subscriptions we can expect in a given month, specifically from the Relo platform. We haven’t had to do any fancy segmentation or analysis and Relo does all this for us to find the most suitable customers to upsell subscriptions to… it works perfectly!"

Better conversion with Magic Cart

Once Veloforte had highlighted which customers were ready to try a subscription and connected that data to Klaviyo - the last step was conversion to subscription. The previously clunky experience where customers were taken from a CTA in a Klaviyo email, through to a product page, to a cart page and then an empty checkout wouldn't cut it here.

The last step in the journey is the where Relo's secret weapon comes into play - the Magic Cart. Magic Cart is a mobile optimised personalised cart-page that allows customers to easily convert to a subscription in 2-clicks. The Magic Cart is:

  1. Mobile first
  2. Pre loaded with a recommended subscription frequency based on their OTP order history
  3. Personalized with add-on product recommendations
  4. Connected to a pre-loaded Shopify checkout
  5. Customized in a few clicks to your brand

For Veloforte this meant that within every email CTA that Relo was powering, they could embed a Magic Cart Link for easy conversion straight to subscription. In this instance, let's have a look at this customers (Serena) Magic Cart link after they click on the CTA in the email:

When the customer clicks on the "subscribe now" CTA above, they would be taken to their Magic Cart here:

Ed Hamilton, Head of Marketing at Veloforte commenting on what he likes most about Relo:

"The analytics! We can clearly see what our incremental orders have been generated via Relo flows. Most importantly a lot of the manual hard work is taken away from us with the Relo tech. In a time poor, small team, this is hugely beneficial so that we can spend more time on growing the brand whilst letting Relo do a lot of the automated incremental revenue work for us!"

The results

By implementing Relo, Veloforte were able to increase the amount of new subscribers gained from OTP's by 9%! The combination of prediction which customers were ready, syncing that data to Klaviyo, and converting to subscription via Magic Cart helped supercharge recurring revenue with almost no time investment required from their side.

The results were so impactful across the business, that Relo's Upgrade to Subscription flow has become one of Veloforte's top performing Klaviyo flows.

To recap, the core KPI's Velforte was able to move by combining Relo with their subscription set-up:

  1. Increased OTP to subscription by 26%
  2. Top performing Klaviyo flow
  3. 6x ROI

New call-to-action
New call-to-action