How Pore Favor decreased subscription churn by 21% using Relo

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Pore Favor was born when Oliver Dickinson was searching for a solution to his long-term skin problems. Unable to find anything on the market that tackled the root cause or guaranteed results, he decided to create his own. A self-confessed blemish veteran, Dickinson and his team offer science-based skincare 'without the bs'.

Pore Favor launched in 2020 and despite already clocking up an impressive 35,000 clear-skinned customers, the brand struggled to hold onto its active subscription base and approached Relo to help.

Pore Favor's approach

A large percent of Pore Favor's revenue has been built on recurring subscription customers. However, before working with Relo, Pore Favor found that large volumes of subscribers would churn after a few purchases. Although the skincare line Pore Favor offers is ideal for replenishing, the flexibility subscribers demanded and ease of editing was setting the brand back. Pore Favour found that...

  • The subscription customer experience it offered was seriously lacking.
  • The subsequent pressure to acquire new customers to make up lost revenue was unsustainable.

The problem

Pore Favor's original subscription management solution defaulted to the usual login portal that is standard practice for most DTC brands.

Pore Favor's subscription management platform, prior to using Relo.

This subscription experience is fairly rigid and relies on the customer creating and remembering log-in details every single time they want to access their account. As more solutions become log-in free, subscribers are becoming increasingly frustrated by this poor experience. For Pore Favor, this led to:

  • Lack of awareness - customers didn't know how to manage their account.
  • Admin hassle - customers experienced problems logging in and decided to cancel instead.
  • CX pressure - Pore Favor's team were left to deal with disgruntled customers.

Something needed to change. Commenting on the problem, Dickinson says,

“Recurring subscription customers are absolutely vital to our business, and it’s always been a priority to deliver a great customer experience to keep them with us for longer. When we found out there was a chance to improve the subscription experience using Relo, it was a no-brainer to jump on it.”

How they solved this using Relo

We knew that Pore Favor wanted to improve the subscription experience for customers and increase retention, so we recommended our Subscription Manager to achieve this.

Relo's Subscription Manager syncs with Recharge to:

  • Enable a frictionless subscription management solution and decrease churn.
  • Reduce pressure on CX teams by removing admin-related queries and complaints.
Relo's Subscription Manager offers a 1-click personalized portal designed to reduce churn.

The way this works in practice is:

  • Relo effortlessly syncs with Recharge and Klaviyo
  • In 1-click, Pore Favor subscribers are taken to a personalized portal where they can:

- Skip a upcoming order

- Add a one-time product to their subscription

- Delay their order by a specific timeframe

- Swap a product out for another on subscription

Log-in is authenticated by the customers email or SMS credentials so they never need to log-in again.

By integrating Relo’s Subscription Manager - specifically its Magic Cart feature - with Recharge's upcoming order notifications, customers have complete flexibility of their subscription.

Commenting on Relo's Magic Cart feature, Dickinson says,

“Relo's Subscription Manager - specifically it's Magic Cart feature - just makes sense, it's easy to use and customers love using it because in 1-click they can manage their subscription. So simple - it's called 'magic' for a reason!”

The results

Since introducing Subscription Manager 3 months ago, Pore Favor has achieved a 21% decrease in subscription churn and experienced 12 x return on investment.

Dickinson says,

“Reducing subscription churn should be the number one priority for DTC brands. With changes to performance marketing, you can't run a profitable DTC brand with high churn. Using Relo's Subscription Manager has meant we can confidently increase our investment in performance marketing because we now offer the best subscription experience on the market.”

With these changes, Pore Favor has been able to dramatically increase subscription retention and offering a totally flexible customer experience.

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