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Puresport was born when ex-professional athlete, Grayson Hart spotted a gap in the market for natural products that could support mental health. Instead of relying on pharmaceuticals to boost mood, sleep and focus, he wanted to provide an alternative lifestyle promoting good health, the natural way. Puresport set about creating expertly-balanced CBD products in 2018 and hasn't looked back. The brand has experienced impressive growth to date with a globe-spanning customer base.

Despite this growth, Puresport isn’t immune to the various Ecommerce problems affecting the DTC industry right now such as rising acquisition costs, supply chain issues and market volatility. Believing that the best way to solve this digital storm was to drive more repeatable revenue from their existing base, they approached Relo to help them.

Puresport’s approach

Before working with Relo, Puresport focused a lot on acquisition to drive leads and conversion, using external services to do so. As a small team with so much to manage, channeling money into acquisition seemed like a feasible growth solution. Puresport…

  • Relied on agencies to manage acquisition strategy and conversion
  • Dedicated 50% of budget to this

The problem

CBD is still a relatively niche market, and what Puresport found was that instead of achieving sufficient growth, they would lose customers at various stages of the acquisition process. With the price of acquisition rising 25% in the last 18 months, this wasn’t a sustainable growth strategy long-term. Grayson says,

“Our products are complicated and directed towards a niche market. We found that the money we spent on acquisition leads to conversion was vast, with a lot of customers falling through the net at different stages. We decided the best strategy would be to drive more growth from our existing base.”

How they solved this using Relo

We knew that Puresport wanted to drive more repeatable revenue from current customers due to the niche it operates in and recommended using Repeat Buy to achieve this. 

The way Repeat Buy works is

  1. Relo predicts exactly when customers will reorder and syncs with Klaviyo.
  2. Brands push data into their existing SMS and email flows for personalized comms.
  3. Relo’s Magic Cart feature converts more customers with 1-click repurchasing.
Relo's Repeat Buy product in action

By using Repeat Buy to analyze the average order gap across customers, purchased products and all-time orders, Puresport could make the best possible predictions around when customers were likely to repurchase. 

It was easy for Puresport to set this up, they simply had to sync Relo with their Shopify store to generate predictions for when customers would repurchase. They could then sync these predictions straight to their Klaviyo dashboard to make them actionable and get the ball rolling.

As a small team spinning lots of plates, Puresport were worried this integration would be time consuming, but found the opposite to be true. Grayson says,

“The Repeat Buy set up was phenomenal and we were live so quick! Rory from Relo walked me through every step and was on-hand to help roll it out into our existing flows.”

Once set up was done Relo automatically synced those customer predictions straight to Puresport's Klaviyo dashboard, making them actionable and driving revenue from day one.

The final piece of the puzzle was implementing Magic Cart to convert the customers who were being targeted for repurchase. Magic Cart is a smart cart that can be added to the CTA buttons of Klaviyo flows for 1-click checkout shopping. It’s mobile first and personalized to the customer.

Magic Cart can be branded up to your liking

Once added, customers can click the CTA button of emails or SMS messages and be taken to their own personalized portal as seen below.

Magic Cart makes it super easy for customer to repurchase

Traditionally, customers looking to repurchase have had to contend with clunky landing pages and log-in issues, but Magic Cart takes the customer straight to their own hyper-personalized portal and as authentication is authorized by SMS or email credentials, they never need to log-in. It's frictionless shopping of the future. Commenting, Grayson says,

“Magic Cart is so easy to use and intuitive. It makes shopping completely flawless for the customer. I’m so surprised more companies haven't thought of this before, using data more efficiently and providing customers with better experiences all-in-one. It also makes my job 10 x better as conversion is easy!”

The results

Since introducing Repeat Buy a month ago, Puresport has achieved a 15% increase in repeat revenue, experienced 9 x return on investment and the highest performing Klaviyo flow to date. Grayson says,

“Before using Relo, we were wasting money on expensive agencies and impossible acquisition costs. Now, we are saving money and growing efficiently. Being such a small organisation we have so much on our hands, and Relo offers the perfect solution to an ongoing problem we have been trying to solve for ages! This will be a lifesaver for us moving forward.”

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