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Relo integrates with all modern Shopify Subscription apps, including Recharge, Skio, Yotpo Subscriptions and Smartrr. Please email us here if you have a question about any other subscription software you work with.

About Surreal:

Surreal started out by asking a simple question - "Why can’t breakfast cereal be healthy AND taste like it did back in the good ol’ days?". Armed with a mission to make breakfast a little less serious (and a little healthier), Surreal launched with a range of high-protein, low-sugar cereals in 2021.

Surreal have gone on to launch 4 flavours in Peanut Butter, Cocoa, Frosted and Cinnamon whilst gaining notoriety for their unique marketing and activation like this and this.

The problem

Surreal have always been focused on building a strong subscriber base and community. Both the repeatability of recurring revenue and proximity to customers to launch new products and get feedback are incredibly important to Surreal. However, the challenge was to understand how they could encourage OTP (one-time purchase) customers to start a subscription after their first few orders.

If Surreal could help even a small percentage of their OTP customers to covert to subscription, it would have a dramatic impact on their growth and their focus on growing their subscription base. Adding this recurring revenue would enable Surreal to make greater investments into their acquisition strategy and NPD (new product development). This is where Relo teamed up with Surreal to create a customer experience that flowed from OTP to subscription, seamlessly.

Commenting on the problems Surreal faced before using Relo, Founder, Kit Gammell, said:

“It's always difficult to engage the right one-time customers that would be interested in a subscription and be super broad in our targeting. With Relo we can easily see which customers are likely to try a subscription, why, and which product. They then make it super easy to sync to Klaviyo and help those customers convert.”

Originally, Surreal's OTP to subscription approach leveraged the out-of-the-box functionality of Klaviyo. This allowed Surreal to get something going fairly easily to help introduce their current customers to their subscription, but didn’t offer the customer experience that Surreal was after. Here's how it looked:

  • Subscriptions were offered to all OTP customers, vs the customers that exhibited signs they wanted to start a subscription
  • All of Surreals subscription products were offered to customers, vs the exact product a customer was likely to subscribe to

How Surreal solved this using Relo

The first step for Surreal was to discover exactly which customers were ready to move to a subscription. This would usually have been a very lengthly, manual, and complex step involving data science to define what they thought customers would do next. With Relo, this took minutes.

Surreal integrated Relo to their Shopify store to create a targetable list of customers that were ready to move from their OTP's to a subscription in the next 30-days. (Note - Relo integrates with all modern Shopify Subscription apps, including Recharge, Skio, Yotpo Subscriptions and Smartrr. Please email us here if you have a question about any other subscription software you work with). Relo uses logic like which products have been ordered, in which volume, over which timeframe, and what other lookalike audiences have done before to predict which customers are ready.

Here is an example of how those customer predictions looked for Surreal. Within minutes, Surreal had a really specific list of who's ready to target, when, and with which product.*

*All data has been anonymised.

However, once we have that list - what next? To make this audience as actionable as possible, Relo then seamlessly feeds that data into your Klaviyo flow's as a dynamic trigger - firing the SMS and email flow at the exact right time a customer is ready to try a subscription. Within a few clicks, Surreal had all of that data flowing into their Klaviyo account with a whole new "upgrade to subscription" flow:

Commenting on the main impact this had on Surreal, Founder, Kit Gammell, said:

“Repeat revenue and retention for a company like Surreal is extremely important. Simply helping us increase the number of customers coming back and the number of new subscribers each month has a profound impact across the business and allows our acquisition and R&D to scale.”

Better conversion Magic Cart

Once Surreal had highlighted which customers were ready to try a subscription and connected that data to Klaviyo - the last step was to make conversion to subscription as easy as possible. The previously clunky experience where customers were taken from a CTA in a Klaviyo email, through to a product page, to a cart page and then an empty checkout wouldn't cut it here.

The last step in the journey is where Relo's secret weapon comes into play - the Magic Cart. Magic Cart is a mobile optimised personalised cart-page that allows customers to easily convert to a subscription with 2 clicks. The Magic Cart is:

  1. Mobile first
  2. Pre loaded with a recommended subscription frequency based on their OTP order history
  3. Personalized with add-on product recommendations
  4. Connected to a pre-loaded Shopify checkout
  5. Customized in a few clicks to your brand

For Surreal this meant that within every email CTA that Relo was powering, they could embed a Magic Cart Link for easy conversion straight to subscription. In this instance, let's have a look a a customer, Anne-Catherines, Magic Cart link after they click on the CTA in the email:

When Anne-Catherine clicks on the "subscribe now" CTA above, they would be taken to their Magic Cart here:

The results

1-month after Surreal introduced Relo, the results speak for themselves. In this time period, Surreal were able drive over 3% new growth against their total subscriber numbers by dramatically increasing the percentage of OTP's that were converting to subscription. To recap on the core metrics we measured:

  • Increased OTP to subscribers
  • 11x ROI
  • 4th best revenue-generating flow in Klaviyo

Commenting on what Surreal have most liked about Relo, Founder, Kit Gammell, said:

“Other than helping us increase repeat revenue on autopilot, the team has always been on hand to help set everything up, connect with our Klaviyo agency, and just generally be there when we have any Q's on how to get more out of the platform.”

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