The age of the resilient DTC brand: How to build repeat revenue in 2022.

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Today’s DTC brands are battling with rising acquisition costs, subscription churn and unpersonalised CRMs. The challenge to turn one-time customers into repeat customers grows bigger, while time and budgets shrink. Only the most resilient will survive.

Join Relo, Klaviyo & a host of top industry gurus as we the tackle threats and opportunities facing the DTC model in 2022, and break down how you can unlock repeat revenue to build a resilient brand.

What you will learn by tuning in:

📈 The macro industry challenges having the biggest impact in DTC today
💻 Why repeat revenue is so hard to unlock with your current tech stack
💡 How to solve for today’s problems & become a resilient DTC brand tomorrow

Aaron Orendorff
VP Marketing, Common Thread Co
James White
EMEA Partnerships,
Phoebe Barber
CRM Manager,

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Harvey Hodd

Relo is the easiest way to get customers to order again, try a subscription and stay on subscription.

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