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10 DTC tools to make your job easier

From analytics to review platforms, we’ve compiled a list of the best DTC tools to help you work faster, smarter and grow your business more effectively.


Gorgias is an Ecommerce help desk that turns your customer service into a profit center.

Best for:

  • All-in-one customer service - Centralize all your support tickets in one place.
  • Fast support - Have all your customer data displayed when talking to them and edit orders, subscriptions or refund payments from your helpdesk.
  • Automation - Automate repetitive tasks like cutting and pasting commonly asked questions, to fully automating and closing out tickets.

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Klaviyo enables you to turn hard-earned customer data into hard-working texts and email marketing.

Best for:

  • Email personalization - Personalize your content based on comprehensive event data like products viewed, items ordered and abandoned carts
  • Email flows - Increase LTV and retention with Klaviyo’s range of behaviour-triggered flows.
  • Launching successful campaigns - Start with hundreds of data-supported templates, use Klaviyo’s subject line generator to write AI-proven subject lines, and send hyper-targeted one-off campaigns to specific audience segments.

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Use LoyaltyLion to create a loyalty program that goes beyond points and rewards, driving greater customer lifetime value and cost-effective acquisition through better customer relationships.

Best for:

  • Points and rewards - Allow customers to earn points and rewards for any on-site purchase.
  • Referrals - Encourage customer advocacy by rewarding referrals made via social, email or mobile.
  • Customised loyalty programs - Build a fully customized loyalty program and choose how you want your program to appear on the page.

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5,000+ high-growth Shopify retailers rely on Okendo to build shopper trust and excitement, showcase customer experiences and compel buying action.

Best for:

  • Showcasing high-impact reviews - Showcase your top testimonials on your site to build trust and drive conversions.
  • Showcasing user generated content - Display customer photos and videos in media galleries that showcase customer community.
  • Showcasing reviews on Facebook and Google - Show your top reviews in display and social ads.

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Penny Black

Penny Black is the only marketing channel with a 100% open rate that allows brands to use the unboxing moment to retain customers, increase CLTV and build loyalty. Our platform and print tech helps ecommerce marketers to create hyper-personalised campaigns and flyers that can be added to customers’ orders during the pick and pack process.

Best for:

  • Packaging and unboxing - Penny Black helps DTC brands use this crucial moment as a new marketing channel that builds loyalty and CLTV.
  • Personalization - Penny Black helps brands create in-package flyers that bring the same level of personalisation as their email marketing into the real world. These flyers also include scannable QR codes that allow shoppers to redeem discounts, make repeat purchases or complete value-adding activities (like referring friends, joining your loyalty program or engaging with content). 

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Seamless subscription commerce turning transactions into relationships.

Best for:

  • Customizable product bundles - Combine multiple products into one personalized box or let customers choose their own bundle.
  • Transactional SMS - Let your subscribers manage their subscription via text - no logging in required.
  • Self-service portal - Subscribers can bundle items, redeem rewards, add products and update admin details in the portal.

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Recurring revenue is hard, Relo makes it easy. Using Relo is the easiest way to get your DTC customers to order again, try a subscription and stay on subscription.

Best for:

  • Repeat purchases - We analyze purchase history allowing you to target customers at exactly the right moment they’re ready to buy again.
  • Speedy shopping - No more PDP mazes and archaic shopping, our intuitive Magic Cart enables customers to checkout directly from your SMS and email messages with a personalized, pre-loaded portal. 
  • Subscription growth - Convert routine customers into subscribers and maximise LTV.
  • Subscription management - No more logging in. Subscription customers can add, skip, delay or add one-time products in a click. Increase subscription retention.

Learn more > enables you to collect authentic text & video reviews from your happy customers in under 10 minutes.

Best for:

  • Company and product reviews - Hundreds of DTC brands use to grow their business
  • Reputation management - Respond to negative reviews fast and effectively and take control of your reputation.
  • User generated content - Manage photo reviews, videos and Instagram mentions all in one place. Create shoppable UGC galleries for products or collections.

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Sweet Analytics

Sweet is the most powerful customer data platform democratizing data and helping your business grow.

Best for:

  • Customer data platform - All your data in one place. Single source of truth
  • Sweet intelligence - Sweet enriches your customer profiles with limitless feeds of information
  • Attribution - Sweet reconciles attribution numbers back to your sales numbers so nothing is ever left untracked!
  • Growth model forecasting - How many customers do you need to acquire to reach your targets? Sweet answers this and more.

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Triple Whale

With rising costs and the decreased accuracy of on-platform metrics post iOS14.5, advertisers often struggle to make truly data-driven decisions to best scale their business. That’s where the Triple Whale - and the Triple Pixel comes in.

Triple Whale is the central source of truth for your ecommerce store. Triple Whale integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store and all of your marketing channels, so you can gain real-time data clarity into every customer purchase from a customizable dashboard or mobile app.

Best for:

  • Detailed ROAS, N-CAC, AOV, and LTV insights
  • Detailed Customer Journeys, from first glance to purchase
  • LTV Cohorts, N-CPA, repurchase rates, and time to breakeven
  • Bundling insights, to explore products frequently purchased together
  • And so much more

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Tydo helps you keep a pulse on your business and reach your goals with comprehensive reports, data visualizations, and insights. Combine your Shopify store data with the tools and marketing channels you use to create a single source of insight.

Current analytics solutions are expensive, lack customization, and aren’t built for every store’s unique needs. Tydo is 100% free for Shopify merchants.

Best for:

  • Data - Dive into the most important metrics, free of charge.
  • Data visualization - Dive into data visualizations that bring your store to life.
  • Bird’s eye view of sales data, site performance and channel efficiency.

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