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Relo x ElliotDigital partner annoucement

Relo is delighted to announce our partnership with ElliotDigital. ElliotDigital is a full stack retention marketing agency led by Elliot Scott, who uses his expertise in email & SMS marketing automation to help eCommerce brands scale their revenue. The agency have worked with the likes of Cornelia James, Days Brewing & HUX.

Relo x ElliotDigital Partnership

Commenting on the partnership, Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead at Relo said,

“In the current climate of high CAC and intense DTC competition, retention has never been more important for brands. Elliot’s expertise in this space is second to none, and I’m thrilled to be making our partnership official.”

Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead

Relo is committed to helping DTC brands grow faster and stronger. We’re laser focused on unlocking that growth by solving the biggest problems DTC brands are facing right now - increasing reorders, gaining more subscribers, and keeping those subscribers. We now power some of the worlds fastest moving DTC brands, with this partnership bolstering the support we can offer to more of the industry.

Elliot Scott, Founder at ElliotDigital said: 

"Partnering with Relo has brought lots of value to our DTC merchants in the subscription space. Our relationship with Harry and the team have been beneficial to not only us, but also the merchant resulting in lots of proactive DTC conversion improvements."

Elliot Scott Founder, ElliotDigital

ElliotDigital use advanced automation and segmentation alongside creative campaign design to drive 20-30%+ of their client’s total brand revenue, and are also Klaviyo Master - Silver Partners.

Relo is excited to join forces with ElliotDigital, combining the latter’s market leading reputation for building high growth Shopify businesses, with Relo’s Repeat Revenue platform - the easiest way for D2C brands to get customers to order again, try a subscription and stay on subscription. Together, we look forward to supporting top D2C brands of the present and future.

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