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Relo x Underground Ecom partnership announcement

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Underground Ecom - a Klaviyo Master Platinum global agency headquartered in the UK. Underground Ecom has a track record of increasing recurring revenue for DTC brands through email, so there's a natural synergy.

Underground Ecom X Relo Partnership

Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead at Relo says,

"We've had an amazing experience working with Underground Ecom so far. They have a great understanding of the Relo platform and how it drives repeat revenue in the Klaviyo ecosystem so we're really excited to take our partnership to the next level."

Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead

Relo is super passionate about helping DTC brands grow faster and stronger. We’re focused on unlocking that growth by solving the biggest problems DTC brands are facing right now - increasing reorders, gaining more subscribers, and keeping those subscribers. We now power some of the worlds fastest moving DTC brands, with this partnership bolstering the support we can offer to more of the industry.

Matt Young, Chief Revenue Officer at Underground Ecom says,

“We are super excited to be working with Relo here at Underground Ecom as we feel it's an amazing way to boost that all important repeat purchase and customer lifetime value alongside email which will really benefit our partners.”

Matt Young, Underground Ecom CRO

Underground Ecom is one of the most highly regarded digital agencies in the UK. Specialising in email marketing, Underground Ecom are recognised as Klaviyo Platinum Partners - showing the impact they’ve had in the DTC market. Underground Ecom have worked with some of the biggest brands in the business and has a client list including Seoul Box, Rose Skin Co and Egard Watch Co.

Relo is delighted for this partnership to flourish, mixing Underground Ecom's expertise in solving CRM problems with Relo’s platform to boost repeat revenue, we can support more merchants than ever.

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