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Relo x Underwaterpistol partnership announcement

This week, we're announcing our partnership with Underwaterpistol - a 15 year old full service Shopify Plus agency specialising in designing, creating and growing Ecommerce brands. No matter what stage brands are at, Underwaterpistol offer end-to-end Ecommerce services, designed to get results. Current clients include Brewdog, Pineapple Dance Studios and Brew Tea Co.

Underwaterpistol X Relo Partnership

Commenting on the union, Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead at Relo says...

"Underwaterpistol are the leading authority in the UK Shopify ecosystem when it comes to CPG and subscription centric brands. Their in-house expertise in Klaviyo and Recharge makes them the perfect partner for Relo so we're really happy to announce this partnership""

Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead

Relo is dedicated to helping DTC brands grow faster and stronger. We’re laser focused on unlocking that growth by solving the biggest problems DTC brands are facing right now - increasing reorders, gaining more subscribers, and keeping those subscribers. We now power some of the worlds fastest moving DTC brands, with this partnership bolstering the support we can offer to more of the industry.

Nathan Abbott, Head of Growth at Underwaterpistol says,

"There's never been a more crucial time for brands looking to really enhance the loyalty of their customers. The subscription space is one Underwaterpistol have enjoyed operating in for so many years and Relo epitomises what an ever-developing solution should look like for the brands we work with. As we continue to grow and improve our services and channels we're thrilled to be going on that journey alongside the likes of Relo.'"

Nathan Abbott, Head of Growth

From branding glow-ups for Pooch & Mutt to content strategy and development for Brewdog, Underwaterpistol has a wide range of expertise in helping established Ecommerce brands to push the envelope and reach new audiences.

Relo is delighted for this partnership to flourish, mixing Underwaterpistol's expertise in growing Ecommerce brands with Relo’s platform to boost repeat revenue, we can support more businesses than ever.

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