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DTC lessons from a Shopify Plus expert (2022)

Each week, we're calling on an expert in the Ecommerce space to share their wisdom on building a bulletproof DTC brand in 2022 and beyond.

Today, it's the turn of Superco Agency Co-founder, Tom Mucklow. Tom helps top CPG brands like Funkin Cocktails, Anatome and The Brook to grow and scale. Despite launching Superco less than two years ago, the agency is scaling rapidly with over 22 hires in the first year alone.

Take it away, Tom.

Build a more resilient DTC brand with Superco

What's your role and what do you do on a daily basis?

Co-founder at Superco. Everyday, I work with clients on their digital strategy and help them to grow.

Which Ecom areas should DTC brands be focusing their time and efforts towards?

Retention - work out ways to turn single purchasers into repeat customers, into subscribers who stay subscribed. It's all about managing brand, product and marketing touch-points to increase your customer lifetime value and ultimately give you more freedom to spend on acquisition.

Can you share a couple of Superco x DTC success stories?

1. Vegan meal delivery brand - We built a strategy to redesign and build their website. We built out a new-look purchasing flow and migrated them from Bold to Recharge with upgraded bundling options, we were able to improve conversion by around 100% from the old site.

2. RTD beverage brand - We took them from no subscribers to ~40% of revenue coming from subscription within 6 months, through a combination of building out a new Recharge purchasing flow and email marketing through Klaviyo.

You specialise in Shopify growth and retention - what piece of advice would you give to DTC brands who want to improve in these areas?

Learn from the best. Follow brands that you think are doing a good job and study what it is that they're doing.

I saw a US based cosmetics brand called Soft Services send out a little spoon around the time that you were expected to be finishing their moisturizer product. The spoon was designed to help you finish the bottom of the pot and the discount it came with was designed to push you to buy the product again.  A really charming and memorable touchpoint that I'm sure really helped with repeat purchases.

What are the biggest Ecom trends you’re seeing right now in your specialism?

I'm really interested in 'paid for' loyalty programs - Amazon Prime type solutions. Instead of a points based system, you ask your most brand loyal customers to pay a monthly/yearly membership subscription and provide them with a ton of value: early access to products, locked in discounts, free shipping, exclusive content or access to founders etc. You can add Saas-like revenue to your bottom-line and keep your brand flag-flyers super engaged.

There are a couple of providers out there, Inveterate is one, and close partners of our Recharge have new offering coming out to support this, which we're very excited to bring to our clients.

If you could tell DTC brands to stop making one mistake, what would it be?

Stop hoping a single app will solve all your issues! Even the most 'Plug & Play' tool, will require hours of testing and tweaking to ensure that what it's offering is beneficial to your clients and your business.

Complete the sentence: DTC brands that survive and thrive in 2022 will....

Work out how to sell more to those who've already bought.

Who are 3 essential people and agencies to follow right now?

  1. Us!! - Shopify, Growth & Retention Agency
  2. Tash Courtney-Smith, CEO at Bold Digital - Performance Ad Agency
  3. Toby J Waller, Head of Growth at Brick Social - Performance Ad Agency

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