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Relo x Superco partner announcement

Relo is delighted to announce our partnership with Superco. Superco is a Shopify Plus agency specalizing in growth & retention. They combine a data-driven approach with creativity to launch and scale the next generation of eCommerce brands, and work with the likes of Represent Clothing, Minor Figures & Ursa Major Skincare.

Relo x Superco Partnership

Commenting on the partnership, Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead at Relo said,

“In the current climate of high CAC and intense DTC competition, retention is crucial for DTC brands to scale growth. Superco really know their stuff in this space, and are an integral partner for Relo as we look to scale Shopify merchants.”

Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead

Relo is committed to helping DTC brands grow faster and stronger. We’re laser focused on unlocking that growth by solving the biggest problems DTC brands are facing right now - increasing reorders, gaining more subscribers, and keeping those subscribers. We now power some of the worlds fastest moving DTC brands, with this partnership bolstering the support we can offer to more of the industry.

Tom Mucklow, Founder at Superco said: 

"As retention strategists, we're always looking for ways to help our clients improve repurchase rates and LTV. Relo has quickly become an integral part of our recommended tech stack for CPG merchants - always delivering incredible ROI. We're thrilled to announce our partnership with them and looking forward to working with them to help more merchants."

Tom Mucklow Founder, Superco

Superco are CPG / FMCG specialists, working with brands across animal care, food & beverage and beauty to use data-driven strategies to improve retention metrics.

Relo is excited to join forces with Superco, combining the latter’s market leading reputation for building high growth Shopify businesses, with Relo’s Repeat Revenue platform - the easiest way for DTC brands to get customers to order again, try a subscription and stay on subscription. Together, we look forward to supporting top DTC brands of the present and future.

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