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List of top 300 DTC brands by category (2022)

The DTC market has exploded in the past 2 years. There are 2.5 million new Shopify stores since the pandemic alone - the population of Los Angeles! Are you a DTC brand looking to suss out the competition and take a leaf out of the cream of the crops book? We’ve analyzed the growth data of thousands of UK and US D2C brands to bring you the top direct-to-consumer brands killing it in 2022.

Browse top dtc brands across food, drink, alcohol, health, wellness and beauty.

DTC Food Brands 


Discover the fastest-growing d2c food brands, from vegan meal kits to nutritionally balanced snacks.

  1. Katz Gluten Free (US) - Gluten-free breakfast, desserts, bread and snacks. 
  2. Pip & Nut (UK) - Addictive nut butters, cups and snack packs.
  3. Pasta Evangelists (UK) - Luxury pasta delivery meal kits.
  4. Actual Veggies (US) - Freshly made vegan ready-to-eat sustenance and patties.
  5. All-Plants (UK) - Plant-based freezer meals available for subscription or one-off. 
  6. Bokksu (US) - Japanese snacks, candies and teas sourced from family businesses.
  7. Graze (UK) - Subscription snacking boxes designed for the health-conscious consumer.
  8. Candy Kittens (UK) -  Vegan sweets made with fruit juice and natural colours.
  9. Primal Pantry (UK) - Nutritionist-backed protein and mini bars with no nonsense.
  10. Bad Brownie (UK) - Brownie boxes for self-care or gifts. Vegan options available.
  11. Magic Spoon (US) - Cereal that transports you back to childhood, without the junk.
  12. Fitlife Foods (US) - Chef-prepared healthy meals for nutritional convenience.
  13. Super low carb (UK) - Low carb pizza bases, hot cross buns, pastries and bread.
  14. Love Raw (UK) - Vegan chocolate snacks that are kinder to the planet.
  15. Rockfish Seafood (UK) - Delicious, sustainable seafood shipped nationwide.
  16. Pure Heavenly (UK) - Luxury chocolate, as featured on Dragon’s Den.
  17. Piper’s Farm (UK) - Sustainable meat delivery boxes.
  18. Feast Box (UK) - World food feasts and sharing boxes for the busy foodie.
  19. 88 Acres (US) - Vegan bars and nut butters made using kitchen ingredients.
  20. Alpha Foods (US) - Mix of meat and vegan protein-packed breakfast goods.
  21. Dvash Organics (US) - Organic syrups and superfood bites.
  22. JoJo's Chocolate (US) - Delicious dark chocolate with 8g of sugar or less.
  23. Core Foods (US) - Keto bars that break the status quo and taste fantastic.
  24. Biscuit Boutique (UK) - Artist-designed biscuits and chocolate for sweet tooths.
  25. Karma Nuts (US) - Toasted and roasted cashew nuts in a range of varieties.
  26. Skout Organic (US) - Plant-based, organic snack bars for adults and kids.
  27. Pitaya Foods (US) - Dragon-fruit, passion fruit nand acai smoothie packs.
  28. Pan's Mushroom Jerky (US) - Umami flavour mushroom jerky for plant-based protein.
  29. Hodmedod's (UK) - Every bean and pulse you could ever want, supplied from British farms.
  30. Love Cocoa (UK) - Luxury chocolate truffles, bars and selection boxes.

DTC Drink Brands

LA Brewery

From kombucha to CBD infused drinks, the health drink market steals the show in the round-up of the fastest-growing non-alcoholic drink brands.

  1. Square root soda (UK) - Fizzy drinks made with real fruit and ingredients you’d find in your kitchen.
  2. Agua De Madre (UK) - Award-winning naturally sparkling kefir.
  3. LA Brewery (UK) - Stylish Kombucha brand advocating healthier guts.
  4. Brew Tea Company (UK) - British loose leaf tea done properly.
  5. TRIP (UK) - CBD infused drinks for a healthier lifestyle.
  6. Rare Tea Company (UK) - London-based loof leaf tea.
  7. The Turmeric Co (UK) - Raw 100% natural turmeric shots.
  8. Moon Juice (US) - Healthy juices, tonics and shakes.
  9. Liquid Death (US) - Still and sparkling water in aluminum cans.
  10. Genius Juice (US) - Coconut-based smoothies and juices.
  11. Avec Drinks (US) - Premium mixers to complement spirits and cocktails
  12. Art of Tea (US) - Matcha, fruit and iced artisan tea.
  13. Agua Bonita (US) - Mexican-style natural soft drinks.
  14. Better Booch (US) - Kombucha for the good life.
  15. DASH (UK) - Natural infused sparkling water with wonky fruit.
  16. Good and Proper Tea (UK) - Herbal, green and black tea for connoisseurs.
  17. Minor Figures (UK) - Oat milk specifically designed for barista-style coffee.
  18. Smoothie Box (US) - Pre-packed frozen smoothies, direct to your door.
  19. Sunny Culture (US) - Probiotic shots for a healthy gut.
  20. FIJI Water (US) - Water from a sustainable ancient aquifer in Fiji.
  21. Smoothie Box (US) - Hand pressed daily smoothies, delivered.
  22. Remedy Kombucha (UK) - This writers favourite kombucha brand, and we've tried a lot.
  23. Arizona (US) - Green tea, juices and mocktails.
  24. Jones Soda Co (US) - Sodas and nootropic supplements from Seattle.
  25. Boxed Water is Better (US) - Plastic-free water packaged in paper cartons.
  26. DASH Water (UK) - Flavoured sparkling water made using rescued fruit.
  27. Terranamdo (US) - Sparkling seltzers and sodas.
  28. Punchy (UK) - Sophisticated soft drinks using ingredients like yuzu, cucumber and rosemary.
  29. Something and Nothing (UK) - Non-alcoholic seltzers and alcoholic spritzes.
  30. Karma Drinks (UK) - Soft drink heroes taking on the king pins. Karma cola is delicious.

DTC Alcohol Brands


Natural and sustainable wines, craft beer and low alcohol beverages sail to the top of the fastest growing d2c alcohol brands.

  1. Beavertown Brewery (UK) - Craft-beer and seltzers sold on subscription or one-off.
  2. Pinter (UK) - Pull fresh pints at home with make-your-own craft beer kits.
  3. Plonk Wine Club (US) - Sustainably grown boutique wines, sold by the case.
  4. Days Brewing (UK) - Alcohol-free beer with all of the taste and none of the hangover.
  5. Dry Farm Wines (US) - Natural and sustainable wines from around the world.
  6. Three Spirit (US) - Botanical elixirs and alt wines designed for flavor and function.
  7. Top Cuvée (UK) - Hackney-based natural wine subscription.
  8. Swig Wines (UK) - Wine made lovingly by wine lovers, not snobs.
  9. Small Beer Brew Co (UK) - London brewed low alcohol beer.
  10. Signature brew (UK) - Specialists in ‘pub in a box’, beers and merch.
  11. Brooklyn Brew Shop (US) - Beer, cider and cocktail making kits.
  12. Sharp’s Brewery (UK) - Cornwall-based brewery specializing in real ale.
  13. Jim & Tonic (UK) - Sustainable small-batch gin delivered nationwide.
  14. Fifty fifty brewing (US) - Fresh beer delivered across Western America.
  15. Nocking point wines (US) - Bougie wine with custom-drawn designs.
  16. Pure wine (US) - Purified wine wands and refills for better tasting wine.
  17. Drink Noca (US) - Non-carbonated, non-bloaty alcoholic beverages.
  18. Mysa Wine (US) - Small natural wines delivered across the US. 
  19. Just Enough Wines (US) - Sustainably canned wine, female-founded.
  20. Dry (US) - Dry botanical wines - a zero proof option for every celebration.
  21. Big Hammer Wines (US) - Adventurous wine for adventurous souls.
  22. Beatbox Beverages (US) - Sugar-free alcopops.
  23. Juneshine (US) - You've heard of hard seltzer, now try hard kombucha.
  24. RISE Brewing Co (US) - Organic, smooth oat milk and ready to drink (plant-based) coffee.
  25. Sierra Nevada (US) - Beer and hard kombucha described as a 'fermentation frenzy.'
  26. Bristol Beer Factory (UK) - IPAS, pale ales and variety cases, brewed in Bristol.
  27. Magic Rock Brewing (UK) - Gluten free, vegan, pale and variety ale for every palette.
  28. Northern Brewer (US) - Home brew kits for bringing the pub to your living room.
  29. Mingle Cocktails (US) - Alcohol-free cocktails for all the taste without the booze.
  30. Dry (US) - Dry botanical bubbly for every celebration.
  31. Nice Drinks (UK) - Malbec and sauvignon blanc in a can.

DTC Coffee Brands

Four Sigmatic Coffee

Speciality coffee brands rule the roost in our run-down of the best D2C coffee brands, from pods to beans.

  1. Four Sigmatic (US) - Organic coffee combined with mushrooms for feel-good beans.
  2. Grind (UK) - Sustainable, speciality grade coffee pods, based in Shoreditch.
  3. Dark Matter Coffee (US) - Speciality coffee with designs straight out of the 70s.
  4. Jot (US) - Concentrated iced coffee in a magical mini bottle.
  5. Origin Coffee (UK) - Speciality coffee roastery specializing in subscription.
  6. Ozone Coffee (UK) - Speciality coffee bags and pods for the discerning caffeine lover.
  7. Rave Coffee (UK) - Pod and bean subscription speciality coffee with loud packaging.
  8. Colonna Coffee (UK) - Australian-born founders bring specialty coffee to the UK. masses.
  9. Portrait Coffee (US) - Diverse team of coffee advocates changing the portrait of coffee.
  10. Rook Coffee (US) - Cold brew coffee from New Jersey.
  11. Deathwish Coffee (US) - Double strength coffee rocket fuel.
  12. Redber Coffee Roasters (UK) - Coffee equipment, machines and beans.
  13. Perky Blenders (UK) - East London roasted coffee subscription.
  14. Nossa Coffee (US) - Family-run subscription coffee pods and beans.
  15. Paradise coffee roasters (US) - Exclusive and rare coffee from Hawaii.
  16. Pop & Bottle (US) - Barista-quality iced coffee at home.
  17. Reborn Coffee (US) - Transparent and traceable speciality coffee.
  18. Red Bay Coffee (US) - Artisanal coffee straight to your door
  19. San Francisco Bay Coffee (US) - Family-run coffee business est. 1979.
  20. Strava Craft Coffee (US) - CBD-infused coffee founded in 2015.
  21. Tayst Coffee (US) - Ethically-sourced coffee for every taste bud.
  22. Golden Moon Tea (US) - Loose leaf tea with no nasties.
  23. Slate Milk (US) - Plant-based, high-protein coffee and milk-based drinks.
  24. Hawaiian Isles Coffee (US) - Ground coffee from Hawaii.
  25. PTs Coffee (US) - Direct trade speciality coffee, produced in Kansas.
  26. Stash Tea (US) - Tea of every variety, and the teaware to complement it.
  27. Park Avenue Coffee (US) - Locally-owned St Louis business that roasts its own beans.
  28. Paradise Coffee Roasters (US) - Exclusive and rare coffees from Hawaii.
  29. Coffee AM (US) - Single-origin coffee and gourmet tea.
  30. TiestaTea (US) - Loose leaf healthy tea that tastes good and does good.

DTC Hair & Beauty Brands 

Absolute Collagen

Plant-based, sustainable and cruelty-free d2c beauty brands are rising through the ranks as consumers pursue beauty more consciously.

  1. Iconic London (UK) - Leading make-up for celebrities, influencers and glam humans.
  2. Absolute Collagen (UK) - Award-winning collagen for healthier skin.
  3. Pixi Beauty (UK) - Subscription make-up brand.
  4. War Paint for Men (UK) - High quality make-up for men.
  5. Annmarie (US) - Organic, toxic and chemical-free skincare. 
  6. Cocokind (US) - Botanical-forward skincare for glowy, happy skin.
  7. Ella + Mila (US) - Fashion-forward and eco-conscious nail care and make-up.
  8. Juvia’s Place (US) - African beauty brand with bright palettes and UK shipping.
  9. Briogeo (US) - Natural and healthy hair formulas for hair that needs some love.
  10. Brickell Men’s Products (US) - Anti-ageing, beard grooming and acne-control.
  11. Spectrum Collections (UK) - Barry-born sisters offering vegan and cruelty free make-up brushes.
  12. Credo Beauty (US) - Sustainable clean beauty products for conscious consumers.
  13. Colour Pop (US) - Bright California-made make-up aimed at Gen-Z.
  14. Naturisimo (US) - Ethical beauty brand offering plant-based products for a kinder world.
  15. BeautyPro (UK) - Sustainable beauty brand offering genuinely affordable skincare.
  16. Drunk Elephant (UK) - Natural beauty using a handful of ingredients.
  17. BillyJealousy (US) - Award-winning men’s grooming since 2004.
  18. Alima Pure (US) - 4 ingredient make-up with compacts you can refill again and again.
  19. Knours Beauty (US) - Skin wellness for menstruation, maternity and menopause.
  20. Bambu Earth (US) - Ethical beauty brand specializing in beauty and skincare. 
  21. Collagen for Her (US) - Collagen supplements made simple.
  22. Aroma Works (UK) - Skincare, fragrance and body oils for feeling great.
  23. Barry M (UK) - Bright coloured lipsticks, nail paints and eyeshadows.
  24. Evolve Beauty (UK) - Handmade skincare, bodycare and haircare.
  25. Naturisimo (UK) - Ethical make-up, skincare and wellness products.
  26. Roccabox (UK) - Handpicked luxury beauty boxes for habitual purchase or subscription.
  27. Upcircle (UK) - High performance skincare for people and planet.
  28. Lash Base (US) - Eyelash extensions and adhesives for glamorous peepers.
  29. Luxe Beauty (US) - Skincare and serums made with clean ingredients.
  30. NARS Cosmetics (UK) - Iconic long-wear make-up founded by Francois Nars.

DTC Health / Wellness Brands

Fussy deodorant

The world is on a wellness kick and it shows in the amount of d2c health and wellness brands. There are so many it was hard to choose just 20! Plant-based protein powders and natural ingredients shine bright in this round-up.

  1. Fussy (UK) - Plastic-free, compostable deodorant powered by plants.
  2. Here we Flo (UK) - Period and sexual health products with attitude.
  3. Bariatric Pal (US) - Low-carb and keto protein food and vitamins.
  4. Body Health (US) - Protein tablets, powders and electrolytes.
  5. 310 Nutrition (US) - Meal replacement shakes - over 4 million sold
  6. Bare Performance Nutrition (US) - High-quality supplements for health performance.
  7. Bio Clarity (US) - Plant-based acne treatment, skincare and sets.
  8. Eye Love (US) - Eye care specialists offering cleansers, oils and vitamins.
  9. Campus Protein (US) - Protein powders and supplements aimed at university students.
  10. Zooki (UK) - Sustainable food supplement sachets with an emphasis on skincare.
  11. Lumity (UK) - Clinically-proven vitamins for skin and overall good health.
  12. Bare Biology (UK) - Marine supplements including fish oil, algae oil and marine collagen.
  13. Tone it up (US) - Clean ingredient nutrition products which are gluten and dairy free.
  14. Veloforte (UK) - Natural energy bars, shakes, chews and gels for performance.
  15. Proverb (UK) - Natural, aluminum free deodorants which are refillable too.
  16. Oxigen (US) - pH balanced water taking the sports performance world by storm.
  17. Après (US) - Plant-based protein powder and drinks designed for health.
  18. Copper Compression (US) - Recovery support for athletes and sport lovers alike.
  19. EVL Nutrition (US) - Supplements and workout gear for performance and health.
  20. Naked Nutrition (US) - Mix of protein and vegan bars, powders and supplements. 
  21. Wolverson Fitness (UK) - Everything you need to hit the gym at home.

DTC Pet Brands

Pooch & Mutt

Today’s cats and dogs are well and truly pampered if the brands leading the pack are anything to go by. The top DTC pet brands specialize in natural nutrition, high-quality ingredients with a surge in plant-based food coming to market. Can dogs eat a vegan diet? We’ll let you be the judge!

  1. Vet’s Kitchen (UK) - Grain free and nutritionally balanced food for cats and dogs.
  2. Pooch & Mutt (UK) - Natural pet nutrition providing good mood food.
  3. Poppy’s Picnic (UK) - Complete and balanced raw pet food.
  4. Lords & Labradors (UK) - Luxury pet beds, ramps and crates.
  5. Hownd (UK) - Vegan pet food and grooming goods for dogs.
  6. Sassy Woof (US) - Fashionable pet clothing, harnesses and leads.
  7. Native pet (US) - Probiotics and health foods for dogs.
  8. Pets Purest (UK) - Natural treats, cleansers and calming aids for pets.
  9. Dog’s Lounge (UK) - Pet supplements for a range of ailments.
  10. Wet Noses (US) - 100% human grade food for dogs with appetite.
  11. Portland Pet Food Company (US) - Ethical and sustainable pet food.
  12. Bond Pets (US) - Plant-based dog treats.
  13. Shameless Pets (US) - Soft-baked pet treats for the hungry pooch.
  14. Petaluma (US) - Plant-based pet food of the future.
  15. Made by Nacho (US) - Wet and dry cat food for feline good.
  16. Pet Krewe (US) - Costumes, toys and accessories for cats and dogs.
  17. Pet Parents (US) - Pet wipes and cleaning products for furless laundry.
  18. Chippin Pet (US) - Pawsome nutrition powered by planet-friendly protein.
  19. Halo Pets (US) - Freeze dried, raw pet food for all-health, no hassle.
  20. Primal Pet Food (US) - Bone broths, chews and treats for dogs.
  21. Incredible Pets (US) - Healthy food to make pets feel as incredible as they are.
  22. Cat Person (US) - Real cat food, made simple.

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