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Relo x Velstar partnership announcement

This week, we're announcing our partnership with Velstar - a Shopify Plus agency that scales direct-to-consumer brands through smart, end-to-end commerce solutions which fuel persistent growth. Velstar services an impressive portfolio of top brands including Santo Remedio, Comet and Avon.

Relo X Velstar Partnership

Commenting on the partnership, Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead at Relo said,

"The Relo team couldn't be more excited to launch our partnership with Velstar to help Shopify merchants drive more repeat revenue. Velstar's holistic service offering across design, development and growth marketing make them the perfect complementary partner for Relo, as we share a mission in helping brands thrive and win the DTC race."

Harry Willis, Partnerships Lead

Relo is committed to helping DTC brands grow faster and stronger. We’re laser focused on unlocking that growth by solving the biggest problems DTC brands are facing right now - increasing reorders, gaining more subscribers, and keeping those subscribers. We now power some of the worlds fastest moving DTC brands, with this partnership bolstering the support we can offer to more of the industry.

Dan Sheard, CEO at Velstar said,

"Partnering with Relo was an obvious choice for us at Velstar. Not only are the team at Relo efficient, friendly and knowledgeable, but our company mission matches perfectly, as we both want to help DTC brands smash their Ecommerce goals and drive sustainable growth."

Velstar understands that Ecommerce success requires more than just a slick designed website coupled with a neat user journey. That's why Velstar optimises performance through the entire customer experience. From brand awareness through to brand advocacy, Velstar takes care of it all.

Relo is delighted for this partnership to blossom, combining Velstar's expertise in scaling end-to-end commerce solutions with Relo’s platform to boost recurring revenue. Together, we can support more businesses than ever.

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