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Personalized Klaviyo landing pages: everything you need to know (2022)

Your website is your shopfront, and your landing pages are the gel that binds your Ecommerce store together. In this competitive market, it’s essential to create hyper personalized landing pages that put customer experience at the forefront to increase conversion and build a resilient DTC brand. 

In this piece, we’re going to guide you through personalized Klaviyo landing pages and the alternatives.

The purpose of landing pages

Jot Coffee has an ultra engaging landing page with creative copy and visuals enticing the user

Landing pages are used to educate users on your products or services, sell the benefits and convert them to take a specific action. Think of landing pages like chapters of a book - you want to focus on one thing at a time. This is different from homepages which try to give you a snapshot of the entire brand and product mix in one. Examples of landing pages include:

  • Products
  • Reviews
  • How it Works
  • About Us
  • Our Mission

If the focus of your landing page is to drive sales, you’ll want to ensure there is a well-structured narrative with compelling copy and imagery, specific CTAs across the page, and social proof from customers that build trust. Also, the user experience needs to be on point. 

Arsh Sidhu, Director of Ecommerce at supplement brand, Asystem cites making landing pages user friendly as his biggest challenge. Arsh says,

“Landing page UX is so important for conversion and you should pour just as much attention into this as the content. Aspects such as landing page speed, cart functionality, CTA button sizes, where the eye gets drawn to and how offers are framed are all crucial.”

Arsh Sidhu, Director of Ecommerce


Creating hyper-personalized landing pages

As the Ecommerce market gets ever-tougher due to the cost of living crisis, supply chain nightmares and competition, brands are looking at new technologies and tools to make landing pages hyper-personalized and dynamic. 

What we mean by ‘hyper personalized’ is that currently, the traditional landing page is a one-size fits all view. But as every DTC brand worth their salt knows, audiences are made up of individuals. 

The current blanket approach stunts growth since both new and existing customers with various purchasing habits are all taken to the same page. While email marketing and account areas have adapted to personalization, landing pages remain stuck in the dark ages. This is probably why so many people are searching for Klaviyo landing pages as a middle ground.

Klaviyo landing pages

If you landed on this blog, it’s likely you want to find an answer to the question “does Klaviyo have landing pages?” While building Klaviyo landing pages would be highly useful to DTC brands who would be able to push their various email segments towards personalized landing pages, Klaviyo itself doesn’t currently offer this.

However, all is not lost. You can still create hyper-personalized landing pages using Klaviyo and Relo together.

Klaviyo and Relo personalized landing pages 

Relo works with Klaviyo to generate personalized landing pages

Hyper-personalized, dynamic landing pages are the future, but implementing them is a highly complicated process that is costly, requires a lot of data and development work and provides a headache for brands. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the traditional landing pages are standard practice at the moment.

Until now, there’s been no market solution to make Klaviyo personalized landing pages a reality. Relo bridges that gap.

Current landing pages are clunky and offer limited personalization. If DTC brands really want to drive more repeat revenue, grow their subscription database and keep subscription customers, this all needs to be enhanced.

There are 3 unique ways to create personalized landing pages for conversion using Relo and Klaviyo.

Repeat Buy

Repeat Buy syncs with Klaviyo to show DTC brands the average order gap across customers, purchase products and all-time orders. This means that you can target customers at the exact moment they’re ready to re-order. Finally, using our Magic Cart feature, you can drive the customer to a personalized landing page to complete their order. Magic Cart is added to the CTA button of your Klaviyo email and SMS flows and when they click this they are taken to their own personalized Klaviyo landing page portal, and can checkout in 1-click. 

Learn more about Repeat Buy >

Subscription Converter

An example of personalized landing pages with Klaviyo and Relo

This tool works in a similar way to Repeat Buy, except instead of letting you know when a customer is about to re-order, it will look at habitual purchases to determine when a customer is most ripe and ready for a subscription. When customers click the CTA button of the Magic Cart, they are again taken to their very own personalized portal where they can sign up for a subscription in 1-click, add one-time orders and checkout in seconds.

Learn more about Subscription Converter >

Subscription Manager

An example of personalized landing pages with Klaviyo and Relo

Subscription Manager works slightly differently to the other two tools, and is designed to give your subscription customers the most flexible, smooth experience possible to boost subscription retention. Authenticated by email or SMS, your customers can manage their subscription in 1-click using the same Magic Cart feature through Klaviyo flows. Once they click the CTA of flows, they’ll be taken to their personalized subscription portal where they can control everything in seconds, from adding orders, skipping, delaying and viewing recommended products.

Our Subscription Manager can even be branded up to your colours with additional widgets for further customisation.

 Learn more about Subscription Manager >


We hope this piece on personalized Klaviyo landing pages has given you some clear advice on how to improve your landing page conversion. While Klaviyo landing pages are not technically available yet, by taking advantage of Relo’s Klaviyo integration, you can enjoy the next best thing and drive repeat revenue from your existing base wrapped up in a personalized repurchasing experience. 

Try Relo for free and discover how we enhance the repurchasing and subscription experience so you can grow faster and stronger.

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